The developers at DICE provide details for the newest Custom Game in its first-person shooter Battlefield 1, and tease the game’s forthcoming February update.

As many gamers would argue, Battlefield 1 handily earned its spot as one the top games of 2016, and now DICE is set to give the title loads of post-launch support in 2017 in order to keep fans coming back for more. Today, the developer revealed the details to a new Custom Game mode called Bleed Out that will be added to Battlefield 1, and gave a general overview of what’s to come in the road ahead with a brief glance at next month’s February update.

DICE announced the inclusion of Bleed Out to Battlefield 1 via a blog post on the game’s official website, and set the arrival of the Custom Game mode for January 18. Bleed Out is essentially a newly modeled version of Rush wherein fallen soldiers respawn faster than usual during the combat, with developers having also tweaked the game mode by taking away any player’s health regeneration.

Of course, Bleed Out is simply the latest Custom Game mode to make its way into Battlefield 1. So far, the World War I-inspired shooter has received plenty of new ones since its release last year, with there being modes like Eye to Eye adding fast-paced close-quarters combat with shotguns only, and last month’s Custom Game called Line of Sight, which lets fans choose solely between playing as Scouts with double bullet damage and standard Medics.


As far as the immediate future is concerned for Battlefield 1, though, DICE went on to mention that the game will receive an update next month with “gameplay improvements” taken from its own tests and fan feedback. However, the developer didn’t deliver any specifics as to what those refinements would be, and stated that further information and patch notes for the game’s February update will come in due time.

As it stands, Battlefield 1 has been given a considerable amount of post-launch support from DICE, with the developer offering updates that add features like Spectator Mode, significant alterations to the weapon and item balancing, and fresh firearms such as the over-the-top grenade crossbow. Not to mention, DICE has also given fans a free map by providing the Giant’s Shadow DLC back in December of last year.

Beyond DICE’s free updates for Battlefield 1, the studio is also set to inject the game with its initial piece of paid DLC with the first of four expansion packs to come called They Shall Not Pass. The add-on will give fans the chance to play on four different maps when it launches in March, so it will be interesting to see if Battlefield 1 fans who haven’t already supported the game’s post-launch lifespan with the Premium Pass will pay for the DLC upon its release.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.