An Exclusive Collector’s Edition for DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ shooter Battlefield 1 shows up in an Amazon listing, but its contents lack the actual game.

Online retailer Amazon has decided it will release its own $130 Exclusive Collector’s Edition for the World War I-inspired shooter Battlefield 1, but one of the key components to making the experience of the release complete will be missing, as the actual game itself is not included in the final purchase. While no explanation for the title’s exclusion in the Collector’s Edition is provided, Amazon makes it abundantly clear in the listing for the Battlefield 1 package that buyers won’t get the game, as it reads, “Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collector’s Edition – Does Not Include Game.”

Although the Amazon item won’t have the title itself be a part of the Collector’s Edition, the retailer does include a soldier’s statue that stands at 14″ tall, an exclusive steel book, an exclusive cloth poster, a deck of playing cards, an exclusive patch, a messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content, and premium packaging. As many will probably agree, the strangest portions of this particular Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition are definitely the additions of DLC content and physical packaging for a game that’s not even included.

As it happens, there are other Battlefield 1 Collector’s Editions for PS4 and Xbox One that have been announced, and as of writing, they’re priced at $210, and include all of the objects listed in the paragraph above including the game. With that in mind, fans of the franchise could save a few bucks with the difference being about $20 by purchasing the Amazon Exclusive Collector’s Edition for Battlefield 1 and then buying the game itself separately upon its launch. The online retailer’s package for the shooter comes out on October 18, which is 3 days before the title’s official release date.


The only downside to not buying the $210 Deluxe Editions for Battlefield 1 would be fans missing out on the Early Enlister version of the game, which provides players who purchase them the ability to jump into the title’s action three days ahead of the release’s proper street date. Of course, should one wish to obtain all of the trinkets and goodies in the Amazon Exclusive package and be able to exercise patience for a 72-hour period, the option of eschewing the bundles that have the Early Enlister Deluxe Editions will result in a better deal.

At any rate, with less than three months to go before Battlefield 1 crashes onto the scene with its 64-person multiplayer capabilities, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting their chance to get some play time with the title. Should one want to get a better idea of what else the game will contain before buying it outright, a German community manager for the title recently teased that an open beta will be released after gamescom 2016. Unfortunately, though, an exact time frame has yet to be revealed.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Amazon (via IGN)