Battlefield 1: DICE Details the Campaign's 'War Stories'

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DICE releases more information and details on the Battlefield 1 single player campaign including what players can expect and how it's different from past single player efforts.

Fans of the upcoming World War I shooter, Battlefield 1 finally got their first look at the single player campaign through an impressive trailer. While the majority of the previously released gameplay footage and information has centered around the multiplayer side of the game, this first look at the campaign showed off multiple characters in various locations mixed with high action moments. Following yesterday's trailer, DICE has released additional information on new gameplay mechanics and what players can expect during their time with Battlefield 1's campaign.

As hinted at by the trailer, the single player campaign is taking a different approach from previous Battlefield campaigns by jumping between multiple characters and focusing on their personal stories during The Great War rather than on one large, all out battle. Known as War Stories, DICE has chosen to embrace a more cinematic and emotional approach to story telling. Part of this approach is to allow the player to see the character they are playing as during cut scenes rather lock the camera behind a first person view through the length of the campaign.

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Another example of where DICE is working to create stronger characters and more personal stories can be seen in the mission, Through Mud and Blood, which was quickly shown in the Battlefield 1 E3 2016 trailer. This story involves a British Mark V tank squad who are all adjusting to their new roles in this unit. The driver, Danny Edwards, is the youngest member of the crew, has little experience with tanks or combat due to the fact that he's a former chauffeur and new volunteer to the war effort. This also means that Edwards has yet to earn the trust of his fellow soldiers which adds a social element to this particular story.

The post also name drops legendary World War I figures like Lawrence of Arabia and The Red Baron. Based on the information, players should expect to interact with these individuals from time to time and even take part in some of the battles in which they were involved including the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire and its railway lines. In this example, however, DICE has added some fictional elements including a giant armored train called The Canavar standing in the player characters way.

From a gameplay perspective, how players behave during multiplayer matches was a key inspiration for the developers. Traditionally, multiplayer matches involve an objective for players to capture, but how the task is completed is ultimately up to the player. War Stories missions offer similar levels of improvisation, as systematic gameplay aims to bring that open feeling of multiplayer into each mission allowing players to tackle things how they want.

Now that you've seen a piece of the single player campaign, do you think this is the right move? What are your thoughts on the single player side? Sound off in the comments below.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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