DICE Teases Battlefield 1 Campaign Trailer for September 27


EA drops a brief tease of aerial action ahead of the release of a trailer for the single-player campaign to be included in Battlefield 1, which is set to go live on September 27.

We've already seen plenty of the multiplayer component of Battlefield 1, thanks in no small part to the well-populated open beta that ran from late August to early September. However, we've learned a relatively small amount about the single-player campaign that's set to accompany the game's multiplayer modes.

With just a matter of weeks left until the game launches, it seems that EA has decided to redress this balance. Tomorrow will see the official premiere of a trailer detailing the Battlefield 1 single-player campaign. To tease its arrival, the official Battlefield Twitter account posted a brief clip earlier today.

The seconds-long tease shows an aircraft pilot performing a rather amazing maneuver over a wall stocked with enemy troops. A well-timed barrel roll allows a passenger to take a photograph of the outpost, somehow dodging an array of gunfire in the process.

Despite being very brief, the clip gives off a tone that's quite unlike your typical military shooter. This is far from the dour heroics of most modern warfare — there's a certain sense of swashbuckling action that could set Battlefield apart from its biggest rival, Call of Duty.


DICE has made no secret of its efforts to ensure that Battlefield 1 is a faithful realization of World War I. However, it seems that making a game about a historical conflict has afforded a certain sense of freedom that previous Battlefield games about contemporary warfare have gone without.

World War I is still a relatively recent historical event, but it still bears less of connection with today's real-world headlines than the tensions between the USA and Russia that formed the backbone of Battlefield 4. Because of this, it may well be that Battlefield 1 will be able to feature more out-and-out derring-do, without seeming exploitative.

That's not to say that the game will abandon realism in favor of thrills and spills. We already know that the game doesn't shy away from the realities of melee combat. However, it's easy to see how a moment like the one depicted in this teaser clip might seem more appropriate when the vehicle in question is a biplane, as opposed to an F-16.

Expect to learn more about what the campaign has to offer when the full trailer is released tomorrow. Perhaps we will even see how Lawrence of Arabia will tie in to the single-player mode.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled for release on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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