Battlefield 1 Only Has 6 Missions, Claims Leak

Battlefield 1 Only Has 6 Missions, Claims Leak - Battlefield 1 cover

Twitter user txt231 continues to leak information about Battlefield 1, this time claiming the upcoming game only has six missions for its campaign mode.

Following a number of leaks, DICE and Electronic Arts have given the upcoming Battlefield 1 a proper unveiling. Even so, there's still a number of unanswered questions surrounding the game, but yet another leak may offer some answers - at least as it pertains to Battlefield 1's single player campaign.

According to Twitter user txt231, Battlefield 1's campaign will only consist of six missions, or "episodes," as he called them. Since txt231 chose to refer to the single player missions in Battlefield 1 as "episodes," it could be an indication that Battlefield Hardline's TV show format could return for the new game in the series. Or at the very least, each mission will be distinct.

Txt231 didn't stop at revealing the number of missions players can expect to play through in Battlefield 1. He took things a step further, going as far as to name each mission in the game. These are the rumored names for the single player story missions in Battlefield 1:

  • Friends in High Places
  • Nothing is Written
  • Through Mud and Blood
  • Avanti Savoia!
  • The Runner
  • Epilogue

Six missions seems a little light, but depending on the size of each level, the length of Battlefield 1's campaign could be on par with previous games in the series. To that end, Battlefield 1 lead designer Danny Berlin claims that the game's single player campaign will consist of large sandboxes, similar to how the franchise's multiplayer maps are laid out, which could make each level play like a mini open world.

Battlefield 1 Only Has 6 Missions, Claims Leak - Battlefield 1 soldier on horse with sword

Of course, txt231 could be incorrect with his info that there will be only be six story missions in Battlefield 1. After all, DICE hasn't revealed all that much about the game's campaign just yet, outside of the fact that Battlefield 1 will take place during World War I. So until DICE or EA confirms txt231's report, take the information with a grain of salt.

After fans and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega complained about Star Wars Battlefront's lack of a story mode, some DICE fans may be happy that Battlefield 1 has a single player campaign at all, regardless of its length. However, others may be worried that Battlefield 1's campaign isn't large enough, and will feel like an unfulfilling experience with only six missions to its name.

Hopefully we will see more of Battlefield 1's campaign during EA's E3 2016 press conference, so we can have a better idea of the story mode's scope, and whether or not Battlefield 1 will have something of quality to offer gamers that prefer single player experiences over multiplayer mayhem.

Battlefield 1 will be available on October 26th for for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Games Radar+, GameSpot

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