Battlefield 1 Beta Size Uncovered


The Battlefield 1 open beta is almost here, and a preview on the Xbox One store reveals that the single, playable map requires 6.2 GB of space to run.

We're only a matter of days away from finally getting access to DICE's Battlefield 1 in the form of an open beta. Interestingly, the game has recently appeared on the Xbox Store in preparation.

While the Battlefield 1 beta isn't available until the end of the month, the store listing has been put up early for some Xbox users - though it should be stated that Microsoft fans still can't actually download the beta just yet. However, we now know the size of the download, with the beta clocking in at 6.2 GB total.

This news comes courtesy of fan-site Battlefield Bulletin who posted their findings on Twitter yesterday. Not every Xbox user appears to have access to the store page, though, which means that many users will just have to rely on a screenshot for now. It's possible that the reveal was made slightly prematurely, judging by the fact that the game page is not yet available to PlayStation or Origin users at the time of writing.


The beta will reportedly take place on the Sinai Desert map, where up to 64 players will battle it out in a World War 1-themed environment. There we will get our first taste of the game's combat, both on foot and atop a devastating armored train.

The train won't be the only option for getting around the map, however, as Sinai Desert will also contain ride-able horses for the players. Unlike many vehicles in the Battlefield games, horses appear to allow gamers to use their weapons while on the go, something that will help make up for the fact that mounting a horse will make the rider a larger target.

battlefield 1 horse gameplay


Another feature that beta players will be experiencing for the first time is the introduction of dynamic weather to the Battlefield experience. The weather found in Battlefield 1 will continuously change, meaning that fans will have to adapt their play style in order to deal with a sudden deep fog or rain storm.

Considering the sheer scale of this one map is big enough to incorporate a whole train track, 64 individual players, and constantly changing weather effects, the 6.2 GB size begins to seem like a more than reasonable amount of space to require. Even for those players that are pushing their hard drives to the limits, the beta shouldn't prove too much trouble to fit in.

Battlefield 1 is planned for release on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The open beta is planned to begin on August 31.

Source: Battlefield Bulletin - Twitter

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