Battlefield 1 Was the Best-Selling PSN Game for October 2016

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DICE's new first-person shooter Battlefield 1 is the best-selling game on the latest PSN sales chart, while label-mate Titanfall 2 finds itself in ninth place.

With the spookiest month of the year now having come to a close, Sony has released the October 2016 PSN sales chart (for North America). So many high profile titles were released in October, with publishers eager to capitalize on pre-Christmas present buyers, but which game got the most downloads on PS4?

Unsurprisingly, it was Battlefield 1 that took the top spot. The DICE-developer shooter, which takes on World War 1, was already a proven hit, having outsold Battlefied Hardline and Battlefield 4 combined in its first week. Battlefield 1 players got 59 million hours of gameplay under their belts in just under a week and people have been so eager to get online and take to the trenches that the game has reportedly been hit with several server outages since it launched on October 21.

In second place is Skyrim: Special Edition, which debuted to positive reviews on October 28. It looks as though enthusiasm for Bethesda's fantasy world was able to combat any concerns about Skyrim's audio problems and its sales also avoided being affected by a new patch that causes the game to crash. In third place is open-world game Mafia 3, which is 2K's fastest-selling game ever, in fourth place is soccer sim FIFA 17 and in fifth is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


In sixth place is Battlefield Hardline, which may have seen a surge in popularity thanks to the series' latest entry, in seventh is NBA 2K17, in eighth is Rocket League, while Respawn's new shooter Titanfall 2 finds itself in ninth place. While Titanfall 2 launched on October 28 and therefore didn't have much chance to rack up sales before Sony started tallying them, analysts have suggested that the game's sales are poor in general. Publisher EA is committed to the Titanfall franchise, though, so its lowly place on the PSN sales chart isn't likely to impact its future too much.

Other notable titles include Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor at 13th place (likely aided by its PS4 Pro support), Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration in 14th place and Grand Theft Auto 5 at 16th place, showing that Rockstar's criminal caper is still popular almost two years on from its PS4 debut.

Additionally, Sony has introduced PlayStation VR sales charts too, making it one of the only ways to figure out how software on the platform is doing as many PS VR games aren't sold at retail. Job Simulator came in first, Batman: Arkham VR took second, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in third, PlayStation VR Worlds in fourth and Here They Lie came in fifth. Only a couple of games are coming to PS VR in November (Eagle Flight and Robinson: The Journey) so it will be interesting to see how the PSN sales chart shapes up next time around.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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