Battlefield 1 Will Nerf Bayonet Charge in Next Multiplayer Update

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During a livestream focusing on the imminent May update for Battlefield 1, DICE shared some details of some balance fixes that the patch is set to implement. Among the tweaks is a potentially controversial edit to one of the most commonly used methods of attack in the game.

Bayonets were commonplace in World War I, and DICE has made no secret of its ambitions for Battlefield 1 to be as accurate as possible. However, the May update may end up making these close-quarters weapons much less useful in multiplayer competition.

Players will no long receive a reduction to damage taken while charging with the bayonet. Previously, the action of charging would mean that combatants would receive 15 percent damage if they were attacked during the animation, presumably for the purposes of encouraging the use of rushing strategies and melee attacks.

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It will also be more difficult to turn while charging with the bayonet, which should prevent players from traveling around corners while performing the melee attack. DICE is also considering whether or not to add some kind of visual cue to warn players when another combatant is preparing to charge.

DICE certainly seems to be going all in when it comes to nerfing the bayonet charge. While players who rely on this strategy to succeed online will no doubt be frustrated by the changes, there's sure to be a large segment of the game's audience who welcome these tweaks. The tactic is undoubtedly effective, but there's certainly an argument to be made that it's too strong in its current state.

We're yet to receive an official release date for the May update, but DICE has confirmed that it has already been submitted for certification. Given its name, we can assume that it will go live sometime over the next few days.

Battlefield 1 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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