The first part of a major Battlefield 1 easter egg is now solved and this guide explains how players can complete the puzzle and unlock the A Beginning dog tags.

Like most big budget AAA games at this point, Battlefield 1 comes packed with hidden easter eggs for players to hunt down when they aren’t busy battling in the first World War I setting. Hunting down easter eggs has been a tradition on the Battlefield franchise and Battlefield 4 players spent hundreds of hours seeking out every hidden treasure in the game. From the look of things, the Battlefield 1 player base is just as dedicated.

The community identified a headphones easter egg right after the game’s launch and this first phase of the ‘A Beginning’ secret is linked to that. Completing the A Beginning phase of this multi-part secret will unlock a fresh dog tag for players. The community is working working on cracking what comes next, but here is how players can get started…

The above video walks through all of the steps needed to obtain the hidden dog tags, but as you can see, it’s not an easy feat. Players who want to complete this easter egg need to be very dedicated to the cause.

To start out, players need to find a pair of headphones on one of the maps. The best way to do this is to empty servers until a pair can be located and then pick them up. Luckily, the community has documented everywhere the headphones can spawn. Afterwards, players need to approach the hidden MCOM and record the audio by capturing play.

At this point, things get extra complicated, so players will want to watch the video carefully to learn how to use software to extract the audio and import it into Audacity for manipulation. If that sounds a little too intimidating, then you may want to just skip over this dog tag.

This is definitely one of the most complicated easter eggs to come out of the Battlefield franchise, but hopefully the rewards and bragging rights will be worth it for the players who tough out the whole experience. Keep in mind that this is only the first part of the full easter egg chain, so things could get even more difficult before the end. Either way, we look forward to see where this puzzle leads and what rewards are at the end of the chain for the hardcore fans who play along.

Have you completed the first part of the A Beginning easter egg? Let us know in the comments!

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.