Rumor: Bethesda's BattleCry Canceled

Rumor: BattleCry Canceled

BattleCry, the first solo project from Bethesda's BattleCry Studios, is potentially canceled according to the LinkedIn Profile of a QA Analyst from the project.

News regarding BattleCry has not been positive in recent years. The free-to-play online multiplayer action game, in development at BattleCry Studios as its debut title, never saw the launch of the beta announced during E3 2015, and since then there has been news of layoffs, a quality "evaluation" from publisher Bethesda, and eventually silence. It was that silence that fueled rumors that BattleCry had been canceled, and now new evidence to support those theories has appeared.

According to the LinkedIn profile of David Dobert, a QA Analyst on BattleCry and a Level Designer on some of Doom's multiplayer DLC, the game was recently canceled. While his profile has since been edited to remove the claim, Twinfinite was able to capture a screenshot. Dobert's profile specifically states that he worked as a "Senior Embedded QA Analyst on the now cancelled game Battlecry" and he still remains an employee at BattleCry Studios.

In what's unlikely to be a coincidence, the official website for BattleCry, as well as the game's official Twitter account, have been taken offline. Note that there is no confirmation whether these were taken offline prior to today's date and were only discovered in part due to sudden interest in the project's status, but the complete erasure of BattleCry's existence from all official Bethesda channels should be telling. No cancellation can or should be called final until it's officially confirmed, though.

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Exactly what BattleCry Studios is up to now is somewhat of a mystery. As previously mentioned, BattleCry Studios did suffer layoffs of a "substantial portion" of its staff in September 2015. Many were reportedly shifted into Arkane Studios to work on the Prey reboot, and it's entirely possible that those men and women are still helping the sci-fi title reach its May release date. Some BattleCry Studios devs also helped work on Doom's multiplayer DLC, so the team has kept busy.

Hopefully a representative from Bethesda will come forward with an official statement on the status of BattleCry in the near future. While it's extremely unlikely at this point that the game is still in development, official word would not only give closure but help enthusiasts figure out just what studios are working on Bethesda's various projects. Transparency is always a boon, but for now BattleCry's cancellation must continue to be treated as a rumor.

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