Gearbox’s next online multiplayer shooter, Battleborn, is just days away from launch. Today’s trailer celebrates with 25 characters worth of style and silliness.

The first impression that Battleborn gives off is, “Gearbox made 25 characters with the same amount of style and personality as Handsome Jack, and then made them fight to the death.” That’s what Battleborn, Gearbox’s upcoming online multiplayer shooter, is in a nutshell. The team behind Borderlands has created 25 unique characters, created a cooperative or solo campaign to tell those characters’ stories, and then made several arenas for those characters to obliterate each other off the face of the universe. And it’s available starting May 3, 2016.

As games are wont to do approaching launch, a trailer was released today focusing in on what Gearbox likely sees as Battleborn‘s most marketable attributes. That is to say, expect style, silliness, over the top action, and all of it to the healthy rhythmic beats of a techno song that is sure to get stuck in many a viewer’s head.

In the trailer, players can expect to see glimpses of all 25 characters, from the penguin in the robot suit to some sort of mushroom guy. Some are shown mid-shooting or sword-slashing, some are shown mid-taunt or dance. No matter how they’re shown, each character’s personality should ring clear. That’s Battleborn‘s hallmark, which really isn’t too different from Borderlands‘: be your own kind of badass, and maybe bring some badass friends, too.

Battleborn‘s biggest challenge, and this is a challenge across the whole genre of online shooters right now, is standing out from the crowd. With Overwatch to be released later this month, Paragon going all out in beta, and other titles like Gigantic and Smite finding their own kinds of success, where does Battleborn plant its flag? What makes it worth picking up over the other games? And in that regard, it’s difficult to say whether or not Battleborn‘s launch trailer achieved its goal.

Sometimes all that’s necessary, however, is showing that whatever you do have is great. Gearbox believes that Battleborn‘s roster of characters and the hilarious writing at the studio is exactly what’s needed to make the game a success initially. From there, players will hopefully take over and spread the gospel of Battleborn via word of mouth. Maybe Battleborn will even achieve the status of an official eSport. First comes launch, however, and before that gamers have this launch trailer. Hopefully it’s exactly what Battleborn needs right now.

Battleborn is planned for release on May 3, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.