On May 3rd Gearbox Software’s Battleborn bursts onto the scene. The price of admission is the usual $60 most have grown used to, but there are deals going on at certain retailers. On the PC, two retailers have discounts up to 20% off and on the console there are Gift Card incentives while the title is under pre-order status (deals are gone after release, unfortunately).

We’re listing a few options below, but cutting to the chase the best overall offer for the PC Steam copy is at GMG. Right now GMG is selling the Battleborn standard edition for only $48 when you apply coupon code DEALZON20 during checkout. This saves you twelve bucks and you’ll receive the key in time to pre-load before tomorrow’s release.

While discounts on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are harder to find, Dell Home has a worthy Gift Card incentive. Buy either the Xbox One or PS4 version through them and get a $25 eGift Card Bonus. The eGift Card is a digital delivery to your email 10-20 days after Battleborn is released.

Battleborn PC Deals

Deluxe Edition

Standard Edition

Both GMG and GamesPlanet are worthy options, and both offer the same “Firstborn Pack” pre-order bonus you get on Steam, and at a discount. GMG’s 20% off discount code will run through next week, at least a few days after the game releases. GamesPlanet’s offer only shows prices in British Pounds, but you can buy from them worldwide without much hassle (for this particular title, the key is not region locked). It’s the same Steam key you’ll put into your Steam client, after all.

Battleborn Console Deals

The bonus incentives for Console titles will run through Monday, May 2nd (pre-order only). As mentioned above, Dell Home will send its eGift Card via email 10-20 days after Battleborn releases. Best Buy is offering a bonus $10 credit (Rewards Certificate) to all “My Best Buy” members, and if you’re a paid Best Buy Best Buy (Xbox One, Gamers Club Unlocked member you’ll even get 20% off.


Digital Deluxe, Season Pass Details

When you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of Battleborn you’re basically getting the game and the Season Pass. That said there are five minor bonuses to deluxe including “Cyber” character skins, 3 Legendary Gears Packs, and unique taunts for Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi.

The Season Pass itself contains five DLC packs. Each of these DLC’s will have new co-op operations, skins, and taunts.

After scoping out the deals, is Battleborn worth pre-ordering before release this week? If you’re a fan that’s been looking forward to its release, this is a good opportunity to pick up a bonus rather than just pay full price on the games release week.

Deals on Triple-A titles like this usually show up again about 2-3 months out from the games release date. That means if you don’t plan to play on Day One and you don’t mind revisiting in a few months time, you can expect a 20-25% drop on Battleborn deal across all platforms. It’s the trend we’ve been seeing although that doesn’t guaranteed Battleborn will receive the same discount a few months out.