Update 4/29: GMG’s 25% off code expired. New 20% off discount listed below.

Gamers looking forward to next month’s big release of Battleborn may have already tried the game during its open Beta period last week that ran until April 17. If you found yourself enjoying Battleborn during the Beta period and you’re now missing the game, the best place to pick up a PC/Steam copy is GMG with a big 25% off pre-order deal.

This new discount has been in effect since late last week and was set to expire earlier today but has now been extended. The 25% off deal works on the Digital Deluxe, Standard Edition, and Season Pass alike. In fact, if you were just about to pay full list price on Battleborn‘s Standard Edition, you can now effectively pay a lower price for the Digital Deluxe. Win/win?

Battleborn PC Deals (Steam Keys)

Deluxe Edition Drill Down

If you’ve tried out the Beta and are willing to go all in on Battleborn on the PC, the cheapest way to get all the content is via picking up the Deluxe Edition. Included is the base game + Season Pass at a reduced price. The MSRP is only $74.99 – $5 less than if you were to buy the $60 base game and the $20 Season Pass separately. In fact, since the Season Pass discount we listed above is limited to only 20% off, you’ll save just a tad bit more by buying them together:

  • Base + Season Pass: $45 + $16 = $61
  • Digital Deluxe: $56.25 = $4.75 savings

Battleborn Pre-Order Bonus

As of writing, picking up a digital copy of Battleborn Deluxe or Standard nets you a pre-order bonus in the form of a ‘Firstborn Pack’. The description of this bonus is literally “Five Badass Gold Skins”. They will be usable on the playable heroes – Thorn, Reyna, Montana, Marquis, and Rath. Post release, the pack will no longer be available on either of Battleborn editions (though we suspect it’ll be a purchasable DLC).


Releasing early May 3rd, Battleborn will be available on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you’re looking for deals on the console version, check back next week for a full roundup of all the available deals from brick and mortar shops to online retailers.