The Behemoth's 'BattleBlock Theater' Opening Cinematic

BattleBlock Theater Gameplay

It's been quite some time since The Behemoth revealed anything new on their yet-to-be-released game BattleBlock Theater. Meanwhile, demos of the game have been available for gamers' enjoyment at almost every major game-related convention for nearly the past two years.

The game is still coming along though, and instead of announcing a release date The Behemoth has chosen to release the game's opening cinematic. This opening clip isn't just your generic snorefest though, and it will likely be appreciated by anyone with a sense of humor.

The new trailer introduces two best friends, one with a square head named Hatty Hattington and another with a round head, who both set off an adventure together. The opening scene sets up the story for the game, and if the game itself is anywhere near as entertaining as the opening video, then the game is a must-buy — whenever it finally becomes available.

The opening cinematic of BattleBlock Theater, as well as the first adventure of Hatty Hattington and round head, can be seen right here.


As you can see, The Behemoth surely won't spit in the face of anyone who extends an arm in friendship, although it may shred the player's boat to pieces and then cascade it down on them like broken dreams. In all seriousness, the various amounts of hands-on time I've had with the game have been more than promising, but the game is really built for multiplayer, and that is something that this trailer alludes to.

BattleBlock Theater seems to retain a lot of the same humor that made Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid so funny. Even if The Behemoth releases BBT and keeps the experience on par with that of their previous two titles, then fans of the developer are in for a ton of fun.

BattleBlock Theater is currently sitting without a release date, but it will presumably be coming to XBLA (and likely PSN) later this year.

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