Trailer & Screens For 'Battle: Los Angeles' Downloadable Game

Battle Los Angeles Trailer and Screens

A result of a posting from the Australian Ratings Board, there became the possibility, albeit a small one, that the film Battle: Los Angeles would be receiving the video game adaptation treatment. Not having seen any game footage and with the film set to release in only a week, it seemed at the time like that rumor was false.

As it turns out, Battle: Los Angeles actually was being made into a video game, one that, like the aliens in the film was flying so low under the radar, we never even saw it coming. The title is currently available on Xbox Live with a Steam and PSN release set for some time next week. Just released is a trailer and some screens for the game that look eerily similar to your traditional FPS titles like Call of Duty.

While the film version of Battle: Los Angeles is more about the camaraderie between Marines amidst an alien invasion, the game adaptation looks to be much more action oriented. The trailer does not explain it, but gamers will experience the film's story through the eyes of Corporal Lee Imley, a prominent character in the movie.


Unfortunately, if early reports are to be believed, the quality of Battle: Los Angeles might be lacking in several areas, namely the amount of content it provides. With little more than a one-hour single player campaign and only about three different weapons to choose from, players who are looking for an FPS movie adaptation that rivals something like Chronicles of Riddick are going to be left disappointed.

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However, if you really enjoyed the experience of the movie, but felt there weren’t enough shots that featured the unique designs of the extraterrestrials, then Saber Interactive has created just the tie-in for you. At 800 MS Points or $9.99 on the PSN and Steam, Battle: Los Angeles isn’t going to deal a massive hit to your wallet, and could provide some worthwhile entertainment.

After having seen the movie, are you interested in checking out Battle: Los Angeles the video game? Do you think that it was a bad omen that this title just popped up out of nowhere?

Battle: Los Angeles is available now on Xbox Live and OnLive, and will release next week for Steam and PSN. The downloadable title will run 800 MS Points or $9.99, and is part of the OnLive PlayPack subscription service.

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