'Battle: Los Angeles' Game in Development According to Australian Ratings Board

Battle Los Angeles Game Rumor

Coming out of nowhere during last year’s Comic-Con, Battle: Los Angeles looked like a film that took the immediacy of District 9 and blended it with the all out alien action of Independence Day.Though gamers have thwarted alien invasions before, most notably as Duke Nukem, players have never experienced the type of story that Battle: LA seeks to tell, and thus the idea of a video game based on the movie was born.

According to an Australian Ratings Board listing, the game is in development at Saber Interactive with publishing duties being handled by Konami. This multi-platform Battle: Los Angeles game has the potential to be something more than your average military shooter.

Perhaps best resembling next month’s Homefront, but with a more alien sensibility, this title has the potential of capitalizing on a film that is sure to have a large segment of the population talking about it for months after its release.

While this is filed in the rumor category with only the Australian ratings board acknowledging its existence, it is still within the realm of possibility considering publishers’ proclivity for picking up major blockbuster releases. What does cast doubt on the rumor is the fact that Battle: Los Angeles releases in theaters next month. One would think that if a game was indeed in development, gamers would have had a substantial peek at it by now.

On top of that, Saber Interactive, the developer whose most recent credit was 2007’s TimeShift appears to have a very busy future with the gravity-bending shooter Inversion set for a 2012 release, and possibly the rumored Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake on their plate.

For those who might not be familiar with Battle: Los Angeles, give the official trailer a look to evaluate its video game adaptation potential:


Still, it isn’t unheard of for a video game tie-in to release after the film on which it is based, and usually those titles are the more successful ones. Maybe Konami is waiting to see how the film performs at the box office before releasing any info on the game.

Would you be interested in playing a Battle: Los Angeles tie-in game or, at least, one set in the same universe? Do you think that if the game were to release later in the year it would find the same success it would if it released around March?

Feel free to give us your thoughts, and we'll keep you posted on any truth to the rumor.

Source: CVG

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