As Battalion 1944 surpasses $300,000 in Kickstarter funding, developer Bulkhead Interactive touches on the upcoming stretch goals for the World War 2 shooter.

Battalion 1944 is the latest title to receive near-instant crowd funding via Kickstarter, which has raised over $46 million for videogames in the last year. It only took Battalion 1944 three days to reach its £100,000 goal, and now that developer Bulkhead Interactive is heading into uncharted funding territory, many fans have started to ask what the stretch goals for the campaign will be.

Perhaps not wanting to seem presumptuous, Bulkhead didn’t post any stretch goals for the game’s campaign. The initial gameplay trailer looked great, and it didn’t take long for fans fans yearning for a period-based shooter to put their money down, even without stretch goals in the equation. We had pondered if the industry was ready to return to the World War 2 timeline once again, and it looks like Battalion 1944’s funding success has certainly answered that question.

Now that the studio has surpassed a cool $300,000 in funding with more than a half month to go until the campaign ends, Bulkhead Interactive has posted an update which finally touches on stretch goals for the game, a subject it turns out the studio had plans for all along:

Stretch goals are just around the corner. We’ve had them planned for a while, and we’re sticking to our original plan. We don’t do empty promises at Bulkhead; which is why we are working on in-game assets to show you all exactly what we’re working towards before we announce all of Battalion 1944’s stretch goals.

Many Kickstarter games show conceptual images of stretch goals, since actual work towards them are often started at a much later date. The fact that Bulkhead Interactive is already working on in-game assets for these as-yet unannounced goals is a great sign of productivity, and fans are sure to be happy about the indications of a good development process.

Bulkhead had started earlier that the studio considered £200,000 to be the the amount they needed to fully realize their visions of the game, and had already invested a cool £100,000 themselves before deciding to seek help via the crowdfunding giant. With more than £200,000 pouring in just from the Kickstarter campaign itself, Bulkhead should have ample room to reach their stretch goals provided development continues to go smoothly.

With the studio raking in over $315,000 total from Kickstarter alone at press time (converted from £218,783), things are certainly looking bright for Bulkhead Interactive. We’ll keep you posted about the game’s upcoming stretch goals.

Those interested in securing their own copy of the game can do so by backing the title for $21 on Kickstarter here.

Battalion 1944 is expected to release in may 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Kickstarter