After a successful Kickstarter campaign, World War 2 shooter Battalion 1944 is setting its sights on the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, two of the biggest in the genre.

Ever since it first burst onto the scene, Battalion 1944 caught the attention of many a gamer. Granted, about a decade ago the game might have fallen under the radar in a sea of historical FPS titles, but now that most shooters have shifted towards future settings, Battalion’s World War 2 setting feels novel, almost refreshing even. So much so that the game was able to secure more than $450,000 in crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

But even though Battalion 1944 is trying to set itself apart from the pack, the developers behind the game still want to challenge the top dogs in the shooter genre. As Battalion 1944 Executive Producer Joe Brammer explains, the support of fans will help the game “challenge the biggest AAA shooters in the industry.”

While Brammer doesn’t mention any franchises by name, it seems pretty clear that Battalion 1944 and Developer Bulkhead Interactive are going after Battlefield and Call of Duty. Both franchises stand out as the cream of the crop as far as AAA shooters go, and are capable of raking in billions in sales.

How Bulkhead will achieve their lofty goal is yet to be determined, but fans can rest assured that the developer is not cutting any corners. They asked for so much in crowdfunding “because characters cost a lot to make.” He continues:

“If we want to join the ranks alongside Activision and DICE we need to build quality like they do, this costs money. For us to design entire character sets, all the customizations that go with it, custom faces, weapons, voice overs, implementing them into the game, maps, environments, and in some cases game modes, that all costs money.”

Kickstarter is only the beginning for Battalion 1944, though, as the title’s popularity among gamers has helped it draw the attention of some high profile publishers. As with any big Kickstarter, Battalion 1944 is hoping to expand its reach by partnering with a seasoned publisher that will presumably put extra money into the honey pot.

Battalion 1944 Kickstarted, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor Inspired

Although it’s unclear if a publisher will help with development funding, most will presume Battalion 1944’s single player campaign might come back on the table. See, while a lot of gamers were excited for the upcoming World War 2 shooter, a few didn’t realize the game was planned as multiplayer-only. But, if the Kickstarter campaign was able to reach $1.2 million, development would have been able to expand to include a single player element. Unfortunately, the funding fell well short of that stretch goal.

Now that a publisher is on board, however, it seems more likely that a single player campaign will make it into the game. Truthfully, that’s the only way a game like Battalion 1944 would be able to challenge the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield: with a well-rounded experience. It’s true that some players outright ignore the campaigns in those types of games, but there are others who focus only on single player.

Ultimately, it’s unlikely that Battalion 1944 will be able to match the sales of Call of Duty and Battlefield, but the game has certainly caught the attention of those franchise’s biggest detractors. For a while now fans have been requesting a return to historical time periods, and Battalion 1944 came around at the perfect time. If nothing else, interest in the game is exceptionally high.

Source: Gamespot