Batman's XE Suit Unveiled For 'Arkham Origins' Cold, Cold Heart DLC

Batman Arkham Origins XE Suit

While it may not have been the most well-received title in Batman's Arkham video game universe, Batman: Arkham Origins put forth a strong effort in establishing the series' lore and showing off both fan-favorite and oft-overlooked villains. One particular omission though will soon be making his chilling appearance in the form of the downloadable content "Cold, Cold Heart". Batman - armed with a new suit - will find himself face-to-face with series classic Mr. Freeze.

Rather than offering story-light DLC challenge maps like the recent "Initiation Challenge," the focus of Batman: Arkham Origins' "Cold, Cold Heart" will be on providing players with a more involved narrative experience within the game's world. If Batman is to face Mr. Freeze as the recent trailer teases though, a complete suit overhaul is in order. Enter the XE Suit, the Bat's answer to the extreme environments that his nemesis likes to call home.

Finally revealed in a tweet from the game's official Twitter account, the XE Suit will bring about a much more buff-looking Bruce Wayne. Utility-wise, it's not surprising that the new suit will allow Batman to survive in the subzero temperatures that he will no doubt be facing Mr. Freeze in, but what other boons could it bring to the table?

Judging by the suit's burly build and implementation of heating elements throughout, this could very well be a slower, more tank-like Batman. Gamers are used to a very agile Caped Crusader, as evidenced by the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, but a slower, more visceral Batman could be the perfect counterpoint for his confrontation with this tragic villain.

Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze

It's also possible that the suit's heating ability could become an integral part of the DLC's gameplay as it acts as the perfect foil to Mr. Freeze's entire persona. While quicktime events that see Batman escaping from sudden blasts of ice are almost a given, it would be interesting to see an aspect of survivalism make its way into the game especially considering the suit's Extreme Environments namesake.

The suit's implementation and a more defining shot of the DLC's big bad will have to wait until closer to its release on April 22, 2014 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. While some gamers might be put off by Warner Bros. choice to focus on DLC instead of fixing game-breaking bugs and to cancel the Wii U version of the DLC, the prospect of getting a look at the emotionally intense first confrontation of the Caped Crusader and Mr. Freeze is a tantalizing offering indeed.

Do you think "Cold, Cold Heart" will leave any additional tools at Batman's disposal? What other villain would you like to see covered in story-based DLC?


Batman: Arkham Origins is available now on PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360.

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