Batman: The Enemy Within Releases Trailer for Episode 2


This past summer, Telltale announced a second season of its Batman adaptation, dubbed The Enemy Within. The series got underway quicker than some might have expected, with the first installment debuting in August — and now the studio has dropped a trailer for the upcoming second episode.

The clip features many of the secondary characters that make up the game's cast. The Dark Knight has a bunch of friends that help him keep Gotham safe, and we see a few of them interspersed throughout the footage, with Amanda Waller and the Green Arrow standing out in particular.

However, the clip also introduces one of the most enduringly popular members of Batman's rogues gallery. Anyone that's played through the series so far will know that it takes an intriguing approach to the character's nemesis, the Joker. It seems like the second episode of this season will revolve around his sidekick, Harley Quinn.

We already knew that Quinn would be appearing in the series, with her design being unveiled in a clip released by Telltale a few days ago. Now we see her in full rampage mode, wreaking havoc with a sledgehammer. Obviously, Quinn has a longstanding connection to Joker in Batman lore, but it remains to be seen how her connection with John Doe will play out.

The last few seconds of the trailer tease another major Batman villain who will seemingly make his presence felt in the second episode of The Enemy Within. We see a glimpse of Bane, sporting a design not too dissimilar from his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, as he flings around a police officer as if he weighed nothing at all.

The first episode of The Enemy Within got the season off to a great start, and it certainly looks like this follow-up will keep that momentum going. Telltale is no stranger to the superhero genre at this point, but there's a certain confidence to the way the studio is using Batman's roster of friends and foes that makes this particular adaptation rather compelling to devoted fans of the caped crusader.

Episode two of Batman: The Enemy Within launches on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices on October 3. Episode one is available right now.

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