Telltale Games is officially confirming an August 2 release date for Batman – A Telltale Series‘ first episode with a world premiere trailer for the adventure game.

As promised last week, Telltale Games is delivering a release date for the upcoming Batman – A Telltale Series adventure game’s first episode alongside the game’s world premiere trailer. Titled “Realm of Shadows,” Batman‘s first episode will launch on August 2 across all PC, console and mobile platforms. The 5-episode series is currently available to pre-order as a full season, costing $24.99 (discounted to $22.49 prior to launch).

What can fans expect from “Realm of Shadows?” Unlike previous Telltale game releases, the company has remained completely quiet on plot teasers. Beyond the now released world premiere trailer, very little is known about the direction of game’s first season. Based on the trailer though, it can be assumed that Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face will be a major storyline. But before that, Batman will face off against mobster Falcone. Oh, and of course Batman will be battling with his dichotomous persona Bruce Wayne as well.

Other featured major Batman franchise characters to be teased include two of the major franchise love interests, Vicki Vale and Catwoman. Again, the reveal of these two characters further implies a major focus on the Bruce Wayne/Batman dichotomy, as Vicki tends to be Bruce Wayne’s love interest where Catwoman is Batman’s. Alfred, Batman’s faithful butler is of course present. Oddly missing are any of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. A couple of armored stooges with machine guns shouldn’t count. What a mystery this Batman series is looking to be.

Luckily the mystery of Telltale’s Batman series won’t hold fans in suspense for too long. Not only is the first episode just a few weeks away, but Telltale is planning on releasing the next four episodes of the series before the end of 2016. That should mean that fans will be getting a Batman episode at a rate of one a month. Of course, that’s the goal Telltale usually aims for and struggles with, but considering how invested in this Batman game Telltale is — new engine and all — the odds are good the team will keep on schedule.

Speaking of spoilers, Telltale will be doing a special spoiler run of the first episode of Batman this week at SDCC. The event will be run by a panel which includes Batman’s voice actor Troy Baker, also known for his voice acting work as the Joker. So if you’ve been enjoying the mystery surrounding Batman up to this point, which Telltale has managed so well, avoid any Batman SDCC coverage!

Batman – A Telltale Series will launch its first episode, Realm of Shadows, on August 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.