While it has never been a better time to be a superhero fan than right now, the various caped crusaders completely dominating the silver screen have struggled to make the same impact in the video game industry. While the Batman trilogy developed by Rocksteady Studios has found great success in the gritty world of the Dark Knight and games like Injustice 2 have done well capitalizing on a similar approach, other heroes haven’t fared as well – especially Superman, who is still most famous for being the star of one of the worst video games ever created in Superman 64.

Perhaps a change of scenery is what the Man of Steel needs, however, and given how inextricable the two have been in media lately, it’s only fitting that Batman should come along for the ride as well. That’s what YouTube channel Cartoon Hooligans believed when it created one of the most bizarre yet fun mashups in recent memory, an animated short that imagines what would happen if Batman and Superman resumed their recent fighting as trainers from the Pokemon series. Here’s the video:

Beyond the fact that the animation quality is, as is customary with Cartoon Hooligans, through the roof, the fan-made reimagining of two iconic heroes is also incredibly funny. While our personal favorite is the fact that Superman’s Pokemon is named “Supermane” and is essentially a lion cosplaying as the Man of Steel, the entire video is a clever nod to the personal history between both heroes. We’d honestly love to see more takes on superheroes as Pokemon trainers, especially given the fact that so many good superheroes still deserve their own video games.

While the opportunity to win a Kryptonite Badge doesn’t exist in the actual Pokemon series – at least not yet – the video from Cartoon Hooligans is a nice reminder of what makes the Pokemon series so fun in the way that universe seems to present endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. Those looking to scratch a Pokemon itch after watching the video should also consider picking up the franchise’s mobile entry, as Pokemon GO has never been more accessible.

Source: YouTube