Rumor: Batman: Return to Arkham Set For November Release

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According to multiple eurogamer sources, Warner Bros. is targeting November as a release window for Batman: Return to Arkham, Rocksteady's remastered Batman collection.

Delve into the salt stores and pick out a grain. Just weeks after the announcement that Batman: Return to Arkham is delayed indefinitely, new sources are claiming that the game is slated for a November release, at the earliest. This is four months more than the original launch date, which was July 29.

The reason for the delay was that publisher Warner Bros. wanted to guarantee a polished experience and needed more time to do that, which is reasonable. The company's sudden urge to publicly affirm its dedication to quality might have been the result of the Internet's reaction to a graphics comparison video that released not that long ago and was not entirely positive. In many cases, viewers preferred the last generation graphics to the fancy remastered ones. This was surely an unexpected wrench thrown into development and it appears they went back to the drawing board for a bit.

Eurogamer is claiming more or less the same, saying they were informed the delay centers around the quality of the port from Chinese developer Virtuous Games, stating frame-rate as one of the major issues. Considering the nightmare gamers had to endure playing the PC version of Arkham Knight, which was also outsourced, it is no wonder Warner Bros. is being cautious. Eurogamer reached out to the publisher to confirm this story, but the response remains unchanged: there is no release date.

Return to arkham batman logo rocksteady warner bros

Batman: Return to Arkham is a collection of developer Rocksteady's first two Batman games in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Both titles released for last generation consoles but are being souped-up for the current generation, as is the trend for older games these days.

Following the release of the third and final entry in the trilogy, Arkham Knight, rumors began circulating that a remastered collection was in the works. Slowly details began to emerge that confirmed those suspicious, such as the game's box art being leaked to the public. Now that the game is official, fans are waiting anxiously for its release, but, of course, not everyone is enamored with the idea and at least one writer finds the entire collection unnecessary.

However, those who are feeling the hype need to practice caution when dealing with rumors and unknown sources. Until an official date comes directly from the publisher a November release date will simply have to be wishful thinking. What can be confirmed is that Warner Bros. is doubling down on quality and making sure that Batman: Return to Arkham lives up to the very high standards gamers have set for it. That should offer some comfort during these delays.

Batman: Return to Arkham will release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It currently does not have an official release date.

Source: Eurogamer

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