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After a slight delay, Batman: Return to Arkham is finally available and its bringing along a launch trailer that doubles as a graphics comparison video.

Batman: Return to Arkham is a collection of, inarguably, the best Batman video games ever made and it has finally released after a bit of a delay. The collection's launch trailer also dropped and it's pulling double duty: announcing the title to audiences, but also showing off the graphical prowess of the remastered version of the game. For Warner Bros. and Virtuous Games, the studio in charge of the remaster, the latter was imperative to its success.

This launch trailer does a lot in short amount of time. It shows what a little more development time can do for a game and how listening to your audience is of absolute importance. Batman: Return to Arkham had a rough start because of its inability to sell audiences on what a remaster would provide them that the original games could not. The obvious answer would be improved graphics, and thus an experience more akin to other current generation games, but, at first, it failed miserably.

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Around six months ago the world learned of the collection through various leaks, and the idea of the first two Arkham games being remastered and packaged together for current generation consoles was well received. As time went on and more leaks surfaced, the collection would eventually would see a trailer – in this case a graphics comparison trailer meant to show the world what these games could look like with remastered visuals, which was the main selling point, after all.

However, the trailer didn't create the hype Warner Bros. had intended, instead drawing the ire of fans who did not see the remastering as an improvement. In many cases they preferred the older graphics for its grittier, darker style which fit the tone of the series. Because of this backlash, the studio decided to delay the collection indefinitely, cancelling its original July 26, 2016 release date. Warner Bros. and Virtuous Games announced they were taking additional time to work on the games, which appears to have paid off.

Batman: Return to Arkham looks much better than it did months ago and the launch trailer is proof of that. Instead of looking like a simple application of makeup and enhanced lighting, the game looks like it was developed for current generation consoles. It is a marked improvement.

While the collection doesn't provide much more than a prettier port, lacking in any significant extras, it is still nice to have two excellent games packaged together for current consoles with lovely polish.

Batman: Return to Arkham is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: VG247

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