Batman Day Teaser from WB Montreal Hints at Villainous Triumvirate

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Batman Day 2019 has come and gone. DC Comics celebrated the holiday by revealing the creative team for the next run of the main Batman comic, and Epic Games turned Fortnite's Tilted Town into Gotham. Unfortunately absent from the event was WB Montreal, rumored to be working on a Batman Arkham followup. But while an announcement wasn't forthcoming, WB did eventually release what appears to be a teaser of some kind.

WB Montreal's Twitter account has been silent for over four years, its last tweet an advertisement for Batman: Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC. Today, the day after Batman Day, the account posted something new. The tweet's text describes how WB Montreal is "proud to celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary with [the] rest of the world." In the tweet is a short video of a bat signal alight on the side of a building, but there's a secret hidden in the video.

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At regular intervals in the tweet's video, three different images briefly flash on-screen. They're impossible to discern at-speed, but come across clearly with frame-by-frame analysis. Even then, however, the three images aren't immediately recognizable. They are three complex symbols and none of them are familiar, either in Batman lore or otherwise.

However, one symbol does stand out. The symbol features a monstrous-looking head with sharp teeth and horns. While the symbol itself isn't familiar, Batman fans can likely make a quick association - this appears to be a Demon's Head, one of the symbols and names of villain Ra's al Ghul. And if one of these symbols represents al Ghul, the League of Shadows, or his daughter Talia, then the other symbols are likely to represent villains or villainous organizations, too. WB Montreal seems to be hinting at a villainous triumvirate for its next game.

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It's best not to read too far into WB Montreal's teaser, however. The least that can be drawn is that WB Montreal released this tweet specifically for Batman Day and that the teaser images imply three different people or groups. Anything further is speculation. More information will have to wait until WB Montreal is ready to share more, which could be soon or it could be a while yet. That WB Montreal is tweeting at all, however, is a positive sign.

WB Montreal's next game has yet to be announced but is confirmed to be based on a DC property. Expect more information as WB Montreal becomes ready to share it.

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Source: WB Montreal

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