Batman Day 2019 Rumors Tease Several Announcements

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Video game and comic fans alike can both look forward to 2019's Batman Day with growing excitement. Batman Day is an annual celebration of the Caped Crusader himself. It's a day to share the love of all things Batman, but this year's Batman Day seems particularly special.

Rumors are swirling regarding several possible announcements either leading up to or on Batman Day itself. This year's Batman Day is Saturday, September 21, and it might be worth paying attention to this year.

On the video game front, there are some exciting potential announcements. Virtually already confirmed is Fortnite's battle royale Batman crossover. Leaked files in Fortnite show that the Tilted Town region might be transforming into Gotham, replete with Batarangs and Grapnel Hooks. That isn't the only Epic Games-related Batman rumor, however. Starting tomorrow the Epic Games Store will be giving away a Batman game for free. Oddly, the game's title is labeled "????" This could be the Batman Arkham trilogy, Batman Arkham Origins, or even Telltale's Batman games. Why Epic is keeping it a mystery is unclear.

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Batman Arkham title being made free for Batman Day would make a great opportunity to announce a new Batman game. Coincidentally, that's exactly what's been rumored to be in development at Warner Bros. Montreal. While there are no direct rumors that WB Montreal will announce its DC Comics game this Batman Day, it's just a matter of time. Whether it's Batman Arkham Crisis, Batman Court of Owls, or any of the other WB Montreal rumors, the Batman Arkham's saga likely isn't concluded quite yet.

On the comics side of the equation, DC Comics and its writers and editors have maintained an impressive veil of secrecy. However, Batman veteran and Batman: Last Knight On Earth writer Scott Snyder has hinted at big things to come. "Particularly excited for the year's #BATMANDAY - huge news coming from friends," reads Snyder's Twitter post. One possible announcement could be the reveal of the ongoing Batman comic's new writer, as current writer Tom King moves to the Batman/Catwoman spinoff. DC has several Batman series going at the moment, though, so any number of announcements are possible.

Batman news from other media platforms could certainly be in the cards, as well. While the next Batman movie isn't expected until 2021 and likely won't start filming until 2020, Joker hits theaters soon. A new trailer might be fitting. There are plenty of television options for more Batman news, too. The first episode of Batwoman airs on October 6, and the CW's Crisis On Infinite Earths event could also cast a Batman (or two). Then there's also the possibility of a new Batman or Justice League cartoon, as well. As befits the Dark Knight, Batman is positively everywhere in media anymore.

It seems that DC Comics has big things planned, but so far the company has kept its secrets well. It's unclear if any of these rumors, beyond the Fortnite crossover and the Epic Games Store free game, will prove true. Nevertheless, it's exciting to consider the possibilities. It's a great time to be a Batman fan.

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Source: DC Comics

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