Rumor: New Batman Arkham Game Has Been Rebooted


For months it's been rumored that a new Batman game was in development at WB Games Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins. Now, there's word that this project may have been rebooted, throwing all the details that have previously been leaked into question.

The last we heard about WB Games Montreal's Batman project, it was set to star Damian Wayne, Bruce's son and one of several characters to have adopted the mantle of Robin. It's not clear whether he would have been portrayed as a sidekick in the game, or whether he would have inherited the role of Batman from his father.

However, earlier this week a tweet from Jason Schreier revealed that this project might have hit a wall. Schreier indicated that he had recently been informed that the game had been rebooted, although he later noted that he didn't know whether or not the reboot would retain Damian Wayne as its protagonist.

This might not be great news for WB Games Montreal. When the studio was tasked with development of the moderately successful Arkham Origins, it seemed like the team was being given the keys to the future of the Batman license — but since then, more than one project has reportedly fallen apart during production.

A co-op game intended to tie in with last year's Suicide Squad movie was apparently cancelled after Warner Bros. management was unimpressed by the results of the first two years of development. If the Damian Wayne game has suffered a similar fate, the studio will need to make sure that its attempt at a reboot is more successful.

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Batman is a character with massive worldwide appeal, and the Arkham series demonstrated that video games can do the Dark Knight justice. It's already been two years since the release of Arkham Knight, and this reboot means that whatever WB Games Montreal is cooking up won't be ready for a while — so it seems likely that this is the studio's last chance to create something worthwhile using the character.

However, it is possible that WB Games Montreal has a second DC Universe project that could be ready sooner than whatever becomes of the troubled Damian Wayne game. It was previously reported that the studio was taking on new staff to facilitate the development of two distinct titles, although little information has been made public about either.

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