More Evidence of A Batman: Court of Owls Game Surfaces

batman court of owls comic book art

A couple of months ago, a WB Games Montreal developer appeared on Twitter with a t-shirt referencing the Court of Owls storyline from the Batman comics, leading to widespread speculation that the studio is working on a Batman: Court of Owls video game. While that has yet to be confirmed or denied by Warner Bros. Interactive, some new evidence has surfaced online that has added fuel to the fire.

Digital artist Eddie Mendoza, currently employed by Apple, posted art of an armored Batman fighting Talon, an assassin for the Court of Owls in the storyline. Mendoza previously worked for Warner Bros. Interactive, which led many to assume this art was actually concept art for the unannounced Batman: Court of Owls video game.

This theory gained more traction after Mendoza suddenly pulled it from his online portfolio, a possible indication that Warner Bros. instructed him to take it down. Mendoza denies that this is the case, stating that he only removed the art to "adjust the lighting." Mendoza has said that the image is just fan art, and that he is not affiliated with Warner Bros. at this time. However, the image has not been re-uploaded to Mendoza's online portfolio at the time of this writing.

It's entirely possible that Mendoza is telling the truth and the image of an armored Batman fighting Talon is just fan art. Even so, there is some evidence that a new Batman game is coming this year from WB Games Montreal, and while the new game could tackle any number of Batman storylines, Court of Owls seems like one of the more likely candidates.

batman court of owls art

The WB Games Montreal dev posting a Court of Owls shirt on Twitter is evidence that a Batman: Court of Owls game could be in the works, but there's the fact that the Batman: Arkham games have already extensively featured some of Batman's other major villains. The Joker has been prominently featured throughout the series, as has characters like The Riddler and Penguin, so it would make sense for a new game to feature new baddies.

The Court of Owls are also relatively untapped when it comes to video games, having just appeared in LEGO DC Super-Villains in late 2018. A video game based on them would should feel pretty fresh, and also be full of surprises for fans who don't read the Batman comic books.

Whether the next Batman game is a Court of Owls adaptation or something else entirely remains to be seen. The WB Games Montreal creative director has teased that the studio's next Batman game is coming this year, though, so fans shouldn't have to wait long to find out what it's going to be about.

Batman: Court of Owls is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

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