Batman and Catwoman Switch Bodies in Creepy Arkham Knight Video

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DC Comics fans that have ever wondered what Batman might look like in a body-switching situation with Catwoman needn’t wonder any longer. A video has surfaced from Batman: Arkham Knight that shows Batman moving with Catwoman’s animations and Catwoman moving with Batman’s.

It’s a bizarre sight to see, especially for anyone that has played through Batman: Arkham Knight. Developer Rocksteady Studios nailed the look, feel, and movement of Batman in the game, but here he saunters around with a carefree attitude.

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Animation switching or alteration is nothing new for video games, especially on PC. Gamers love to get into the code of a game and see what they can change or break. Last week, a player showed what Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like on low settings, and it is somewhat disturbing.

The Batman and Catwoman body switch video is actually from 2018 but recently it started making the rounds online and caught the attention of even more gamers. It also helps that both Warner Bros. and insiders have rejuvenated excitement around the Batman franchise thanks to some clever teases.

For years there have been different rumors claiming that Warner Bros. Montreal (Batman: Arkham Origins) was taking over for Rocksteady Studios and working on a new Batman game. Some of those rumors claimed that the game might follow Damien Wayne as Batman, while others suggested it would pickup after the events of Arkham Knight in some way.

Then, last month, Warner Bros. Montreal put out a series of tweets that teased a Court of Owls connection. Up until that point, the studio had never outright said it was working on a Batman game, but now it seemed hard to refute. Given the timing, the expectation was that Warner Bros. would reveal its new game during a PlayStation State of Play broadcast, but that never happened. On top of that, Warner Bros. Montreal has gone radio silent.

With The Game Awards set for a few weeks from now, the even seems like the last opportunity for Warner Bros. Montreal to reveal something related to Batman. If not, it is very likely that whatever project the studio has in development will be saved for the PS5 and next Xbox. Coincidentally, the game might also end up competing with whatever game Rocksteady Studios is working on.

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