Warner Bros releases a ‘Save the Date’ tease for a major game announcement in March, leading to speculation WB Games Montreal might reveal a new Batman Arkham game.

Rumors of a new Batman: Arkham game have surfaced following a post asking gamers to ‘Save the Date’ on March 8th. Although the tweet doesn’t outright state what gamers should save the date for, speculation right now is that a new Batman game announcement is right around the corner.

The tweet itself comes from IGN France, who clearly has some inside info regarding a new game coming from WB Games. Check the tweet out below:

While evidence is scarce at this point, there are some strong indicators that this game announcement will be a new Batman game, potentially another entry in the Arkham series. For starters the text font and color scheme is reminiscent of title cards for past Arkham games, and the exact Save the Date phrasing has been used to hype up those titles’ announcements as well.

It’s also strongly rumored that the next Batman game will be a WB Games Montreal effort. And given that Montreal has a large collection of French-speaking citizens, it then makes more sense why IGN France would be the ones teasing the announcement.

As far as what this Batman game could be, a completely different rumor surfaced last year that claimed WB Games Montreal is working on a new Batman game starring Damien Wayne, Bruce’s son. In DC Comics lore, Damien takes on the mantle of Robin, but perhaps in this universe he becomes a new Batman.

All of this speculation, of course, is predicated on the belief that this new game announcement will be for Batman, but that has yet to be confirmed. WB has a large stable of properties in its collection, and any could fit the bill for a March announcement.

Some want the next WB game to be a new Shadow of Mordor title, which isn’t surprising given how popular the Lord of the Rings spin-off was. At some point WB will likely deliver a sequel, but whether or not now is the time to announce it is unclear.

Batman Arkham Asylum Gameplay 2

There are also plenty of other properties within the WB wheelhouse, and gamers have no idea what main Batman developer Rocksteady Studios is up to either. It’s completely feasible that Rocksteady is ready for a brief tease since Batman: Arkham Knight launched two years ago, and it chose to use a familiar font.

Whatever the case may be, the good news is there is a new WB title on the horizon, and the fact that a Save the Date has gone out should be enough to keep gamers intrigued. Batman or otherwise, WB has a solid selection of properties to choose from, but now it’s a waiting game.