Batman Arkham Dev Gearing Up to Announce Its Next Game?

Batman Arkham dev Rocksteady new game announcement

Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios has been teasing its next game for quite some time now. Many had expected the game to be revealed at E3 2018, only for the developer to be a no-show. However, after months of wondering where the game is, an announcement may well be on the way soon.

This suggestion comes following the discovery of new job listings on Rocksteady Studios' website. The developer is hiring for three positions in its marketing department, including lead brand artist, senior user researcher, and promo artist (video). The job descriptions all indicate that Rocksteady is in the process of creating promotional material for its new game.

The job duties for the lead brand artist are ensuring consistency across "key art, trailers, screenshots, promo art, metadata, behind-the-scenes content, and packaging" for the game. The job duties for the promo artist (video) will be creating "very high quality" trailers that include "a combination of captured gameplay footage, composited 3D and special effects." Apparently, this trailer will be an important part of the marketing campaign for "a very high profile, triple-A game franchise."



The job listings aren't the only hint that Rocksteady Studios is preparing to announce its new game soon. A rumor from just a few months ago stated that Rocksteady would unveil its new game either in early 2019 or at E3 2019.

There have also been rumors about what Rocksteady's game involves. One theory had been that Rocksteady is working on some sort of Superman game, building on the skills it developer with the Batman Arkham series. However, Rocksteady has refuted these rumors, and so fans are still in the dark about its plans.

Whatever the game ends up being about, fans will have high expectations for it. A year ago, Rocksteady teased its game by saying that fans will "lose their minds" over it. It's tough to think what "mind-blowing" gameplay features, characters, or setting that Rocksteady Studios' game could have. However, making sure that people feel excited about the game will be the job of the newly hired marketing professionals.

Source: Rocksteady Studios

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