Batman Arkham Origins and More Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility


Without a doubt, the Xbox One's backward compatibility service is generally considered to be one of the console's biggest selling points, as it currently allows players to delve into certain last generation games on the new system that have been vetted and selected for the program. Now, the feature is set to expand its library of titles even more so than before with the inclusion of WB Games Montreal's action-adventure title Batman Arkham Origins, as well as the fighting game Fighting Vipers, the brawler Deadliest Warrior: The Game, and the platformer Disney's Bolt.

Batman Arkham Origins is arguably the most well-known name out of the aforementioned list of titles coming to the Xbox One's backward compatibility service, yet many would likely rank it as the weakest entry in the entirety of the Arkham franchise, most likely due to the fact that Rocksteady Studios didn't develop it. Nevertheless, while this is definitely a contentious subject among fans of the series, it's safe to say that most would agree it's still a high quality game with plenty of merits of its own and that its addition to the Xbox One's backward compatibility program is ultimately a good thing.


For those unaware, Xbox One games that are already owned digitally can be found in the console's Ready to Download list. Physical games such as Batman Arkham Origins (which can't be downloaded from the Xbox Store) can simply be inserted into the system's disc drive and will be playable following a download.

The inclusion of Batman Arkham Origins comes shortly after a relative nadir of recognizable and noteworthy backward compatible games being added to the Xbox One program, with Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2, Tomb Raider: Underworld, and Red Faction: Armageddon having been some of the most recent and distinguishable titles to come to the service. Of course, the list of games is certainly expected to keep growing in the future, especially since Microsoft has previously announced plans to eventually begin the incorporation of original Xbox games to the program.

Batman Arkham Origins, Fighting Vipers, Deadliest Warrior: The Game, and Disney's Bolt are all available now to play through Xbox One's backward compatibility service.

Source: Xbox

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