Batman Arkham Origins Dev Teases New Game for 2019


About a couple of weeks ago, veteran Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, expressed his belief that the Arkham series of games could continue, and he even had some theories of his own as to how the story would be able to keep progressing. Now, it looks as if the franchise may actually be getting another installment soon in some shape or form, as Patrick Redding, the Creative Director at WB Games Montreal–that is, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Originsrecently teased a new title could be coming from the company in 2019.

Not too long ago, Redding took to his personal Twitter account to wish fans a happy holiday season from everyone at WB Games Montreal, and ended the message with the statement that he hopes 2019 brings them everything they wish. Many are taking this as a cryptic tease that a new title centered around the Dark Knight could be revealed next year, as the head of the Batman: Arkham Origins developer shared an image of him celebrating alongside two other WB Games Montreal employees–both of whom have been connected to Batman game rumors in the past.

To be more specific, the link that Redding shared belongs to that of WB Games Montreal's Game Director, Geoff Ellenor. As it so happens, Ellenor was once mentioned during an interview by the studio's senior game designer, Osama Dorias, with the latter claiming that his work on an open world DC Universe “main console” title had been completed.

What's more is that the woman in the aforementioned image appears to be WB Games Montreal Assistant Producer Valerie Vezina. Interestingly enough, she shared a teaser of her own not too long ago which implied that the development company is working on a Court of Owls game in the Batman universe.

Taking everything here into account, it's still anyone's guess as to whether or not a new game for the Caped Crusader will be announced any time soon. That said, though, innumerable rumors have surfaced that WB Games Montreal has taken on the Batman brand following Rocksteady Studios' completion of its trilogy for the DC Comics hero with Batman: Arkham Knight. So, it looks as if we will simply have to wait and see what transpires once 2019 rolls around.

Batman: Arkham Origins is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Source: Patrick Redding – Twitter

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