'Batman: Arkham Origins' Multiplayer Beta Videos Show Gang Warfare on Gotham's Streets [Updated]


Batman: Arkham Origins' singleplayer campaign looks like it has a lot to offer, with deadly assassins coming from all over the globe to fight over the bounty that's been placed in Batman's head. You know what that means? That means boss fights, with the likes of Firefly, Mad Hatter and a female version of Copperhead.

There's more to Warner Bros. Games Montréal's first title than just a singleplayer mode, however. The multiplayer trailer for Arkham Origins teased a three-way battle between Joker and Bane's gangs and Batman and Robin's attempts to sabotage them both. Last month some players were lucky enough to receive an invite to the open beta of the multiplayer, which means that we're now able to get a look at some of the fun that will be available upon the game's wider release.

Four different gameplay videos, collected together by CVG, offer a comprehensive look at the different styles of gameplay on offer in Arkham Origins' multiplayer mode, whether you're looking forward to fighting the good fight as Batman or Robin, or want to play at being bad in one of the supervillain gangs. The battleground is Blackgate Prison, and up for grabs are some gang territory and a whole bunch of rioting thugs who could presumably be coerced into joining whichever villain turns out the successor - or alternatively prevented from escaping at all by Batman and Robin.

For those who are familiar with previous games in the franchise, much of what can be seen in the multiplayer mode will be familiar. Batman uses his detective vision to pick out important points in the environment and spot enemies through walls, and it seems that the thugs have an equivalent. Attacks like the inverted takedown make a welcome return, and it seems like there's a healthy mix of tactics and combat on offer.

The second gameplay video shows Robin wearing his big boy cape and executing similar moves to those of Batman, including gliding around and swinging from outcrop to outcrop, silently knocking out enemies and using explosive gel. It's a little disappointing that the Robin gameplay doesn't look all that distinct from Batman's, but perhaps the differences are more tangible when actually playing as the Boy Wonder rather than just watching footage of him.

[UPDATE: It seems that Warner Bros. caught wind of the gameplay videos and had them taken down, so you'll have to make do with our descriptions for now.]

The thug videos offer a look at life as an employee of Bane and Joker, respectively, and while the bosses don't tend to be very polite it's still interesting to see the game played from the perspective of a hapless thug. For starters, these elite warriors aren't all that hapless; during one part of the gameplay a clumsy Robin tries to swoop down on a bad guy with a gun, only to be shot out the air like, well, a bird. Frequenters of online gaming might be bored of cover-based shooting, but there's likely a certain edge of excitement brought on knowing that Batman or Robin could swoop down and suffocate you at any moment.

Aiding the Batman and Robin gameplay is Alfred, who is an omniscient voice apparently watching from a cloud overhead and informing the heroes as to who is winning or losing the battle, and when one of the supervillains is about to break into the prison. From what we've heard before, Alfred will play an important support role for this younger and more brash Bruce Wayne in both the singleplayer and the multiplayer campaigns.

Has this window into Batman: Arkham Origins' multiplayer convinced you to get online when the games out, or are you only interested in the main story?


Batman: Arkham Origins releases October 25, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, though the multiplayer mode will not be available in the Wii U version.

Source: CVG

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