Following the annual video game summer lull, players have a lot to look forward to this fall and winter – including the next Batman: Arkham (Insert Subtitle) installment, Batman: Arkham Origins along with the companion handheld spin-off Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Developed by Warner Bros. Interactive, not fan-favorite Rocksteady Studios, Origins has been somewhat of a question mark for fans of the series and many gamers remain unconvinced that the title can live-up to the high quality franchise bar (instead of a hollow cash-grab).

That said, while fans would be smart to keep their expectations in check – at least until all of the game’s features are fully detailed – there’s still reason to be optimistic about Arkham Origins. The game is, of course, still built on the foundation and combat of prior Arkham titles, and while the recently revealed multiplayer mode will, without question, be criticized by many players as an unnecessary and unwanted feature; the offering could provide an engaging (and unique) online experience (at least for anyone who is actually interested). Though, even if competitive Batman vs. Bane vs. Joker pandemonium isn’t your thing, Warner Bros. Interactive might still be able to hook you between now and the game’s October 25th launch – as the developer is teasing another major reveal for next week.

Taking to the official Batman: Arkham twitter account, the game’s developers have been using Instagram to promote an “epic” announcement on October 21st. Follow (or head over to) @BatmanArkham for a full list of clues – we’ve selected a number of the most intriguing items below:

Despite the listing of “theft” on the GCPD rap sheet, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for Catwoman – given that the prior message clearly ruled out any feline characters. Obviously, Warner Bros. Interactive will continue to tweet out further details, and a few additional (but equally vague) images are included over at the game’s Instagram page, but it’s pretty hard to nail down exactly what the developers are set to reveal – since the rap sheet could describe a handful of Batman villains and the generic image of a rounded piece of metal is equally nondescript. Obviously, the team wants to keep the mystery alive but the provided clues don’t offer much tangible insight – making this tease a hollow guessing game instead of a challenging scavenger hunt. Maybe tomorrow’s hint will offer fans a fighting chance – Firefly seems like the most likely possibility (at this point) – but we’ll just have to wait until the 21st for the full reveal.

In the meantime, the studio has provided gamers with new screenshots – including a detailed look at the Origins Batcave, the Mad Hatter, and even Alfred Pennyworth. Check out the images below (click to enlarge):

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the Mad Hatter – as the character was previously revealed somewhat unceremoniously back in July (in an issue of OXM). Now that the evildoer is showing-up in new marketing images, maybe Warner Bros. Interactive will allow the Mad Hatter a bit more time in the spotlight – possibly in a new CGI (or in-game) trailer?

As mentioned, the images also give fans a quick peek at Alfred and the Batcave, but for now, it’s unclear how much either one will be featured in-game. While previous installments have included the iconic hideout and Batman ally, neither one has been a major component. Considering Arkham Origins is set to explore a younger (and slightly less experienced) Batman, it’s certainly possible that we’ll see Alfred and Batcave enjoy more prominent roles this round.


Batman: Arkham Origins will release on October 25th 2013, for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U platforms.

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Source: Batman Arkham & VG247