After spending the last week teasing an “epic” reveal, the developers behind Batman: Arkham Origins have made good on their promise – releasing a new (at least somewhat) epic trailer. Titled “Nowhere to Run,” the new teaser for the next installment in the Arkham game series, shows-off a number of fan-favorite villains as well as puts the recent screenshots of Alfred and the Batcave in context. However, the most notable reveal, and the one with the most intriguing gameplay applications is the jet-pack joyriding evildoer Firefly. Check out the trailer at the top of the page – if you haven’t already.

In keeping with prior Batman: Arkham Origins reveals, the new trailer isn’t likely to wow gamers who are still skeptical of Warner Bros. Interactive taking over the Dark Knight game series from Rocksteady Studios – as the footage, once again, prioritizes out-of-context style over substantive details. Aside from showing off the now-standard combo-based combat, it’s unclear what new gadgets, moves, or other assets Batman will use to take on the assembled villains.

Instead, we get a clearer look at the already announced roster of super-baddies which include Black Mask, Joker, Bane, Deathstroke, Copperhead, and, as mentioned, Firefly. The Penguin, Deadshot, the Mad Hatter, and others will also be included in the game but are not featured in the trailer. That said, “Nowhere to Run” also gives a closer look at the role that both Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth play in the “origin” story. As we’ve previously reported Origins isn’t an origin story in the traditional sense but will explore the early days of Batman along with the enemies and friends that he makes along the way. For that reason, Origins could conceivably offer another smart and engaging game story – since some of the franchise’s more interesting good guys and bad guys won’t necessarily have fallen into their iconic roles yet.

Batman Arkham Origins Firefly Trailer

Aside from those intriguing story implications, the new trailer places heavy emphasis on the latest assassin reveal – Firefly. The character’s origins have varied over the years – depending on the iteration. Without knowing the name of the version in Batman: Arkham Origins, we may have to wait until the game is released to find out exactly what caused Firefly’s turn from ordinary man to supervillainy (aside from Black Mask’s assassin contract). That said, the Firefly featured in the trailer shares a number of traits that are standard for the character – most notably a penchant for pyromania and a winged apparatus (which appears to be a jetpack hybrid this time).

The aerial battle depicted in the footage could also mean exciting gameplay possibilities – as nearly all of the previous Arkham boss battles have relied on some form of ground combat. While the Poison Ivy fight in Arkham Asylum allowed the villainess to stay safe high above Batman, the Dark Knight’s role in the encounter was still locked to the floor. Yet, the Firefly sequence clearly shows Batman launching up toward the winged assassin and, hopefully, Warner Bros. Interactive can do something fresh and exciting with their aerial enemy. Of course, it could also just mean that players will have to repeatedly grapple Firefly – knocking him to the ground where Batman can pummel him into submission – but, for now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for something unique or, as the developer promised, “epic.”


Batman: Arkham Origins will release on October 25th 2013, for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U platforms.

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