'Batman: Arkham Origins' Cold, Cold, Heart DLC Gameplay Video

Batman Arkham Origins Cold Heart DLC Gameplay


The focus on Batman video games may have shifted completely to the next-gen Arkham Knight , but Warner Bros. would like fans to remember that there is still some downloadable content coming for the tale of Bruce Wayne's early days in the cape and cowl. The 'Cold, Cold Heart' DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins arrives on April 22, and to show what kind of chilling action awaits, the developers have provided a walkthrough video as part of their latest DC All Access.

It may seem like too much time has passed since the original game's launch for DLC to make a sizable splash, but 'Cold, Cold Heart' does usher the arrival of one of Batman's most iconic villains: Mr. Freeze. But in the new video walkthrough, creative director Eric Holmes and game director Benoit Richer show that it isn't just the chilling villain that the DLC brings with it in terms of new twists on the Arkham formula.

Set on New Year's Eve, Mr. Freeze's surprise attack on Wayne Manor catches Bruce Wayne and the rest of Gotham's elite by surprise. Apparently, that means players will have to begin their assault on Freeze's forces without the aid of the Batsuit or gadgets. But that won't last for long, as the ice cold setting requires Wayne take a new rig into the field. Specifically, the XE Suit.

Batman Arkham Origins XE Suit

Besides utilizing new thermal attacks and variants on established gadgets (the Batarang, for instance), players will also need to exercise caution when tangling with Freeze's thugs. The DLC brings new ice-based weaponry which, if not avoided, can slow Batman by encasing him in solid ice. The XE Suit may keep the cold from killing, but even Bruce Wayne apparently can't defeat ice itself.

The DLC itself seems to build towards a showdown with Mr. Freeze himself. Those experienced in prior Arkham games will know that one of the high points of Arkham City was the battle with an overpowered Freeze, using the environment and diversions to outsmart the cold-blooded villain. It looks like the same thinking is partly on display in the DLC, but with a greater emphasis on the typical tactics of attacking a room of enemies one by one.

The developers also give a fairly sound explanation for Freeze's absence from the Origins campaign; describing the villains as a calculating, intelligent enemy, not one of the hired guns who would try to cash in on the bounty placed on Batman's head. That seems like a good excuse to bring other iconic villains into the fray with additional content, but unfortunately, it seems 'Cold, Cold Heart' may be the last content for Origins fans receive.

Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze

What do you think of the DLC now that you've seen it in action? Is a new location, Batsuit, gadgets and enemies enough to bring you back to the game, or are you unconvinced? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman: Arkham Origins is available on PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360. The 'Cold, Cold Heart' DLC will be released April 22, 2014.

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