Ever since Tim Burton released the Christmas-themed sequel (Batman Returns) to 1989’s Batman film, many Bat-fans have considered the cape and cowl a staple of the holiday season. There are always plenty of holiday adventures in Gotham to keep comic book fans satisfied, but apparently the vide0 game version of the Dark Knight is making a winter appearance, as well. It sounds as if fans of the Batman: Arkham franchise are in for a late Christmas present early next week.

A post on the Batman Arkham Facebook page reveals that fans should return to the page on December 31 for a “special announcement.” Like any good holiday present, the exact nature of the announcement will remain a mystery until the full reveal later this month.

“Visit this page on December 31st for a special announcement…more details to come next week.”

Although we don’t have much information to work with, there are a few likely options for the announcement. The safest bet would be the official reveal of the next narrative-driven DLC pack for Batman: Arkham Origins.

Batman Arkham Origins Bald Bruce

Warner Bros. had already confirmed that a story-driven follow up to the Initiation Challenge map pack would arrive in early 2014, so it is about time to start hearing some more details about that addition to the well-received third installment in the Arkham franchise. Despite suffering from some serious bugs early on, Arkham Origins has found its footing and (mostly) lived up to the reputation of its predecessors, so there is a market for add-on content.

If you want to put your money on more of a long shot, then there’s always the possibility the announcement could be the reveal of the rumored next-gen Arkham title. At this point, both the Xbox One and PS4 are lacking anĀ adventure starring the iconic Bat for next-gen gamers to dive into.

The announcement of a next-gen installment in the popular Batman franchise seems inevitable, but we would be very surprised if it arrived next Tuesday. Such a high profile press release would be unlikely to arrive on an evening when most interested parties are out preparing to greet the New Year and likely nowhere near their respective computers.

One way or another, Batman fans have one last thing to be excited for in 2013.

What do you think the Batman reveal is, Ranters? Would you prefer additional content or a next-gen follow-up?


Batman: Arkham Origins is out now, for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii U platforms.

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Source: Batman Arkham Facebook