‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Video Explores Mysterious Villain & More

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Usually, video games based on the intellectual properties of comic book publishers tend to build narratives around the most established personas in their universes. While obscure or ancillary characters occasionally crop up in some titles to please hardcore fans, Rocksteady Studios decided to go even further by making a completely new and original bad guy for Batman: Arkham Knight with their eponymous villain, the Arkham Knight.

Although little is known about Batman’s main rival for the game, after players get a taste of his personality in Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady Studios and DC Comics plan to fully flesh out the character’s details and motivations this July in an Arkham Knight comic book that focuses on his origins. In the meantime, fans can learn a little bit more about the antagonist with the British development studios’ third installment of its weekly Arkham Insider series entitled, “Characters Unmasked.”

In the video, Rocksteady Studios’ Brand Marketing Producer, Dax Ginn, sits down with Lead Character Artist, Albert Feliu Gomis, to discuss Batman: Arkham Knight‘s key characters, and they unveil a never-before-seen mini-trailer featuring the sleek and militaristic baddy, the Arkham Knight. The reveal displays the titular villain striding amongst his tech-heavy army while espousing the main goals behind their war against the Dark Knight: crushing and controlling Gotham City.

Not only do we get to hear a robotic and digitally-masked bad guy monologue coming from the Arkham Knight, but we also get further insight into the inspiration behind the design choices made for certain characters and their costumes. And really, with the crisp, unique visuals and compositions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City preceding the upcoming release, it’s not surprising how much thought went into the game’s intricacies, like the resolution to have the Batsuit reflect the mechanical properties of the Batmobile. Plus, it’s divulged that the Batmobile will have an upgradable talent tree, much like Batman does with his gadgets, and we get a better understanding about similar traits shared between the World’s Greatest Detective and the secretive Arkham Knight.

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Video Explores Mysterious Villain & More

Regarding the difficulty it took to balance the dynamics of Batman’s and the Arkham Knight’s abilities, Rocksteady Studio’s Lead Designer joined Ginn and Gomis to discuss the issue, teasing:

“Batman and the Arkham Knight are very evenly matched. It’s like the immovable object and the unstoppable force. They’re clashing. Batman’s got the Batmobile. The Arkham Knight’s got his whole military force behind him. Something’s gotta give. Which way’s it gonna go?”

So far, the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight is shaping up to not only be Rocksteady Studio’s finest release yet, but it’s also looking like game of the year material. With it’s star-studded voice cast and beautiful PC specs, the title’s already a heavy-hitter when it comes to inspired storytelling. On top of that, fun and fresh gameplay features like the ability to seamlessly switch between Batman and his allies in dual-play mode will help Batman: Arkham Knight strike fear into the hearts of its competition during this year’s jam-packed summer release season.

Batman: Arkham Knight soars out of the shadows and into action on June 23rd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rocksteady Studios