‘Batman Arkham Knight’ Trailer Will Feature Familiar Face, New Feature

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As the final game in the Batman: Arkham trilogy (which also includes Arkham Asylum and Arkham City), Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot riding on it. The game will presumably be more ambitious than the other games in the series, as it pits Batman up against all of his worst enemies, including Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn.

Unfortunately, Batman fans are being forced to wait a a little longer for the game, as Arkham Knight has been delayed several times. Last year it was one of many games delayed to 2015 (a list which also included The Division and Battlefield Hardline), but then it was delayed again from June 2nd to June 23rd.

However, developer Rocksteady Studios did apologize for the extra delay by releasing a new gameplay video that saw Batman work with Oracle to rescue a downed officer. Fans looking for more footage to whet their appetite will have to be patient, though, as the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight trailer has also been delayed.

The delay announcement comes from the game’s director Sefton Hill who explained on Twitter that although he “promised a trailer date this week”, the Rocksteady team “thought of a much more exciting way to do this” and fans will “need to wait just a bit longer”. This will be disappointing to many, but that trailer could just be worth the wait as Hill stated that it will feature “someone familiar from Arkham City” and that it will also showcase “a very cool new feature” that no one outside of Rocksteady or Warner Bros. Interactive (the game’s publisher) has seen before.

Arkham City Armored Catwoman Costume

While that ‘cool’ feature is difficult to guess, some are speculating that the returning character is either Hush or Catwoman. Catwoman is a popular character and she featured heavily in Arkham City so many fans would be happy to see her return in Arkham Knight. But on the other hand, Rocksteady Studios set Hush up perfectly for a comeback.

In Arkham City, Hush took off his bandages and showed Batman his new face – he had taken other people’s body parts and used skin grafts to make his face look just like Bruce Wayne’s. Hush was able to escape but not before saying that he would make Bruce Wayne “suffer” and that Batman would be unable to stop him. As Hush is a notorious identity thief, there is even potential for Hush to be the titular Arkham Knight villain whose origin is being teased in the comics.

Who would you like the returning character to be? What do you think the new Arkham Knight feature is? Leave a comment.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 23rd, 2015.

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