'Batman: Arkham Knight' Teasers Spoil Catwoman's Return

Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman


How big of a deal is Batman: Arkham Knight going to be? So big that even its trailer is getting its own trailers.

A few days ago, Batman: Arkham Knight director Stefon Hill announced that the game's upcoming trailer - much like the game itself - will suffer from a slight delay, as the Rocksteady team "thought of a much more exciting way" to reveal a "very cool new feature" to patiently waiting fans.

However, it looks like players will only need to sit tight for a couple of extra days: the big trailer is scheduled to hit Monday, April 27, and to hype everybody up, Rocksteady is releasing even more trailers. So far, two brief videos titled "3 Days" and "2 Days" have surfaced. Presumably, a third - "1 Day" - will arrive tomorrow, on the eve of the Arkham Knight trailer's release.

The two teasers are remarkably short - mostly just the ESRB information and a single shot - but what they lack in length they make up for in content. The "3 Days" teaser shows a mysterious figure in bandages and red kneepads striding through a burning city; astute fans observed that the costume looks remarkably similar to what Azrael, one of Gotham's other vigilantes, wore in Arkham City. Meanwhile, the returning face in the "2 Days" teaser needs no introduction. That's Catwoman, straight up.


Previously, Rocksteady hyped the Arkham Knight trailer by saying that it features "someone familiar from Arkham City." Both Azrael and Catwoman appeared in that game (Catwoman was even the focus of some optional DLC), so either Rocksteady leaked the big reveal early, or the studio has something even more impressive planned. The return of other Arkham City characters, including the Riddler and Harley Quinn, has already been confirmed.

The upcoming trailer probably won't shed light on Batman: Arkham Knight's biggest mystery, the identity of its titular antagonist. While the Arkham Knight was supposedly created specifically for the game, many fans speculate that there's a familiar face under that armored mask. So far, Hush - aka Tommy Elliot, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne gone bad - is the leading candidate, although Jason Todd and the Joker (yes, even afterArkham City) are popular guesses as well.

For its part, Rocksteady's continued to play is cards close to its vest. While a comic book tie-in promises to explain everything about the Arkham Knight's mysterious past, it doesn't come out until July 29 - over a month after the game itself.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release on June 23, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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