Batman: Arkham Knight May Be Teasing a Superman Game for Rocksteady

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Rocksteady Studios has been quite transparent that Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to complete their trilogy of Arkham games, which many fans took as confirmation that the company was also done with the franchise. However, it now seems that the developers might be staying closer to Gotham than previously expected.

Speculation is mounting that Rocksteady is set to turn to another DC Comic property, thanks to a video that compiles several Superman references that have been found in Arkham Knight. The first is the LexCorp advertisements littered around Gotham, with that company obviously being owned by Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor.

The next is an answering machine message from Luthor himself left for Bruce Wayne. The last is a tourism poster for Metropolis, the city that Superman calls home for much of his adult life. There are also reports that thugs will make reference to Metropolis in incidental dialogue as you travel around Gotham.

These references might ordinarily be taken as little more than easter eggs, but the studio has a longstanding reputation for hiding clues about future projects deep within their games. In Arkham Asylum, a secret room was undiscovered for years before fans managed to access it.


Inside were clues to the plotline of the game's sequel, Arkham City. This sort of strategy takes a lot of forward planning, but the tradition of these well hidden secrets has proven to be a very fitting practice for a series of games that centres around the world's greatest detective.

In fact, it's led to fans expecting some sort of ruse from Rocksteady at any given moment. When the game's limited edition was unveiled earlier this year, an intriguing inscription on a collectible statue led many to believe that the company was dropping hints as to a major twist that would play out in the plot of Arkham Knight.

However, it is entirely possible that these nods to the wider world of DC Comics is just a case of Rocksteady looking to satisfy fans of that universe. However, it's very easy to imagine how such a talented studio could excel at a Superman adaptation as it has done over the course of the Arkham series.

For the time being, this is all just speculation. However, once the dust has settled from the launch of Arkham Knight, we'll like hear something solid on exactly how Rocksteady plans to follow its hugely popular Batman saga.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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