Batman: Arkham Knight Mod Adds Flying Superman

By | 1 year ago 

Since time immemorial, fanboys have argued that Batman is capable of beating even the strongest of foes. With ample prep time, fans believe that the Caped Crusader could stand toe-to-toe with even the strongest that DC comics has to offer, and still walk away unscathed. But it turns out what the Dark Knight can’t do is star in a PC version of Arkham Knight that runs properly.

Ever since the final entry in the critically acclaimed Arkham series launched for the PC, it has been riddled with issues. Game-breaking bugs prevented many gamers from even launching the game properly, let alone exploring its world and enjoying its story. While developer Rocksteady Studios’ long-promised patch has leaked and should make Batman: Arkham Knight playable for PC gamers, plenty of Bat fans have been able to run Arkham Knight just fine. Moreover, many of them have been able to craft clever mods for the game.

One of the preeminent modders for Batman: Arkham Knight is Heitor Fraga, who has worked diligently to allow fans to play as everyone from the Joker to Arkham Knight’s director Sefton Hill. When he isn’t busy re-skinning characters, he’s implementing new powers for the Dark Knight, releasing mods that add super speed, telescopic vision, and flight to Batman’s bag of tricks. Now, Fraga has decided to combine these separate mods and bring Superman to the streets of Gotham.

In the above preview video, Fraga teases that Superman will be coming to Arkham Knight. With the iconic Superman theme song playing, Clark Kent steps from a perch and takes to the skies, albeit without his famous duds. The video shows a model that resembles Bruce Wayne from the back, but Fraga has not yet clarified if the Superman will feature Superman’s suit, or if players will only get to take mild mannered reporter Clark Kent out for a spin. Additionally, Fraga has not commented whether Supes will only be able to fly or if his myriad of other superpowers will be available to players.

While information on the mod is sparse, Fraga has promised that it is coming “soon,” and that he is working diligently on it. With the official release of Arkham Knight’s game-saving patch right around the corner, fans will soon be able to enjoy Arkham Knight bug free while keeping Gotham safe as the Man of Tomorrow. With rumors abounding that Rocksteady, or another studio in the Warner Bros. camp, has been working secretly on a Superman game, it’s never been a better time for PC gamers to imagine what to expect from a Rocksteady Superman game.

Source: Heitor Fraga