Batman: Arkham Knight Statue Costs $900


Toy manufacturer Prime 1 Studio announces the release of a Bruce Wayne statue in full Bat-regalia from Rocksteady Studios' Batman Arkham Knight that costs $900.

During Japan's Hot Toys Exhibition back in September, Prime 1 Studio unveiled a Batman Arkham Knight statue depicting the Caped Crusader himself in full gear that was originally released as a limited edition collectible. Now, however, the manufacturer has decided to make the figure inspired by the Batsuit given to fans in the game with a full completion rate available worldwide at the costly price point of $900.

While anyone around the globe with enough dispensable income can purchase the Batman Prestige Edition statue, it's quite possible that the supply won't meet the demand, as Prime 1 Studio will only be producing 500 individual figures for purchase. Nevertheless, considering whopping retail value for the Batman Arkham Knight model, there's also the chance that the company won't be able to sell them all upon their release.

As depicted in the images below, the Batman Arkham Knight statue from Prime 1 Studio stands at approximately 34 inches in height, includes a flexible cape, switchable hands — including one holding the Batclaw — and even detachable gargoyles. Unfortunately, the company has yet to provide a release date for the figure, but Prime 1 Studio has said it will announce further information on its Facebook page in the coming months.




For those unaware, this isn't the first work from Prime 1 Studio inspired by in-game assets from Batman Arkham Knight. As a matter of fact, the company produced a pricey statue based on the title's titular antagonist. Not to mention, the toy manufacturer also provided Bat-fans with a chance to purchase a model based on the game's take on one of the franchise's more popular suits that is worn by the character Terrence McGinnis with a Batman Beyond skin figure.

As one might expect, Prime 1 Studio has also moved outside of the Batcave for inspiration in its work, as it has dabbled in plenty of other pop culture collectibles, with some of the more intriguing creations being statues for different video game series. For instance, the company has also designed an impressive statue of the villain Eredin Bréacc Glas from CD Projekt Red's critically-acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Bearing in mind Prime 1 Studio's plethora of statues related to Arkham Knight — there's also one for Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and even a model for the Red Hood — it's highly likely that the company will work with Rocksteady again in the future to make more figures based on its properties. Of course, it's really anyone's guess at this point as to what irons the developer has in the fire, but there have been talks of a multiplayer game that could very well incorporate the Justice League and coincide with the release of the DC franchise's movie next year.

Batman Arkham Knight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Prime 1 Studio — Facebook (via Game Informer)

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