This Batman: Arkham Knight Statue Costs a Whopping $900

batman arkham knight beyond statue

It's been years since the game was released, but Prime 1 Studio is still producing merchandise based on Batman: Arkham Knight. Its latest figurine is a white variant of the Batman Beyond costume, and it's sure to appeal to Batman: Arkham Knight fans – as long as money is no object.

For the uninitiated, Batman Beyond is a very popular take on the Dark Knight that transplanted the cowl onto Terry McGinnis, a teenager living in the then-futuristic year of 2019. It was produced in the wake of the highly acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, but carved out its own niche thanks to its unique spin on the mythos.

One of the most iconic elements of Batman Beyond was the stark black and red suit worn my McGinnis. When Rocksteady Studios was designing alternate skins for Batman to wear in Arkham Knight, it made complete sense to include a version of this outfit in the game.

However, given the simplicity of its original appearance, the studio's designers had to do some work to ensure that it would fit in with the game's depiction of Gotham. The result is a costume that maintains the look of the Batman Beyond cowl, but maintains the overarching visual aesthetic of the Arkham games.

batman beyond white version

Prime 1 Studio has actually produced a statue based off this design before. This new edition is a little bit special, as it takes on a white color scheme that's well outside of the standard wardrobe adopted by Batman.

The hero stands atop a gargoyled building, scowling down at the city streets below. It seems fair to assume that he's trying to spot a crime in progress, or he's simply brooding over the whole dead parents thing.

This is a very detailed model, and its price tag reflects that. The figurine will set buyers back $939, which is in line with the other Batman merchandise that has been produced by Prime 1 Studio.

Releases like this mean that the Arkham series lives on – even if Rocksteady has moved onto other projects — but the Bat is sure to make his video game return sooner or later, and whichever studio takes on development duties will have some big shoes to fill.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Prime 1 Studio

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