Batman: Arkham Knight Mod Lets You Play as Rocksteady Developer

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Batman: Arkham Knight is the ultimate Batman experience. It allows players to soar across Gotham as the Caped Crusader, beat up thugs, contend with a terrifying gallery of rogues, and blast through the streets at breakneck speeds in the Batmobile. What more could someone want out of a Batman game?

Well, modder Tchi6 has answered the question for all of us. While creative and hilarious mods are nothing new, his latest mod for Batman: Arkham Knight is a result of really thinking out of the box. For those that thought playing as Batman simply wasn’t cutting it, it’s now possible to play as co-founder of Rocksteady Studios and the game’s director, Sefton Hill.

This hilarious mod swaps Batman for Hill, allowing Hill to take out large groups of thugs with ease. It’s quite amusing and ridiculous seeing what is a typical looking man performing the over-the-top feats of Batman. Watch it all in the video below from YouTuber Heitor Fraga, which showcases the Sefton Hill mod in all its glory:

Unfortunately, this mod can’t be enjoyed by that wide of an audience at the moment. As PC gamers that were looking forward to Batman: Arkham Knight can attest, the game was broken at launch, resulting in Warner Bros. pulling Arkham Knight from Steam and offering refunds. We still don’t know exactly when the PC version will be on sale again, but there’s a possibility that Arkham Knight could resume sales in September.

In the meantime, PC gamers that are actually able to play Batman: Arkham Knight and are looking for other high quality mods to download, there’s quite a few to choose from. A couple of the more interesting ones include a mod that allows players to free roam as The Joker, and another that swaps Batman for Alfred.

It’s nice seeing the PC modding community still supporting Batman: Arkham Knight despite the game’s multitude of issues on the platform. While Rocksteady has been leading the charge on fixes, the game is still a long way from being at an acceptable state of quality.

Batman gets first PC patch, RockSteady taking lead on fixes - Batman, Arkham Knight, Scarecrow

Perhaps in the future, creative mods like these could be enjoyed by console gamers as well. With Bethesda pushing for Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One, that opens the door for other games to allow PC mods on consoles. It remains to be seen if the console community will embrace modding as much as PC gamers have, but with potentially hilarious mods such as these, it will be hard to pass up.

Which mod for Batman: Arkham Knight is your favorite? Any plans on prowling through Gotham City as Sefton Hill?

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently available for purchase on PS4 and Xbox One. Sales of the PC version have been suspended until further notice.

Source: Heitor Fraga