Batman: Arkham Knight Reveals The Entire Remaining Season Pass Content

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After trickling new season pass related content out for a few months, Batman Arkham Knight developer, Rocksteady Games, announces the remaining season pass content.

In a post earlier today, Rocksteady Games outlined the entire Batman: Arkham Knight season pass content, including what fans can expect to be added in the coming months. The rest of October is made up entirely of skins, AR challenges, and Batmobile racetracks and it won’t be until sometime in November when the final two Arkham Episodes’ missions release. Catwoman and Robin each get a turn in the spotlight, with these episodes intentionally made to be short, narrative vignettes focused on telling what happened to these characters after the main story line came to an end.

Fans who are looking for more campaign heavy content should be delighted to see new Side Missions coming to Batman: Arkham Knight in December. Known as the Season of Infamy, this mode will add four additional Most Wanted missions to the main campaign, each focusing on four villains who were not represented in the story this time around. Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, and Ra’s al Ghul return in their own Most Wanted missions, and Rocksteady has promised that the length aligns closely to what was seen in the main game’s Most Wanted side missions. That is to say, players should expect multiple parts per mission, each ending with a payoff sequence involving the main villain.

Batman Arkham Knight Full Season Pass List

Rocksteady is also planning to honor more Batman franchises by including character and Batmobile skins from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and the upcoming 2016 move, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. This falls in line with previously released skins from the Classic TV series, the 1989 movie skin, and various other decades.

It’s difficult to place a certain monetary value on what’s been offered so far in the Batman Arkham Knight season pass, as that number is different for everyone. While many fans would like to see longer single player content rather than the short story missions for characters like Nightwing or Harley Quinn, the volume of content that has released in the season pass is impressive. While many companies tend to stick to a few big items, Rocksteady has instead decided to include a bunch of content such as character and vehicle skins, new race tracks, small story add-ons, additional side missions for the main game, and VR challenges for numerous characters.

Current PC problems aside, Batman: Arkham Knight has proven to be a boon for Rocksteady Games and WB Interactive, selling an impressive five million copies since launch. With Rocksteady rumored to be moving on to a different project, Warner Bros has been quick to assure Batman fans that the character remains a cornerstone IP for the company but the possibilities are endless for where Batman could go next.

Are you someone who purchased the season pass? If so, how do you feel about the type of content that has been offered by Rocksteady? Do you regret the purchase at all? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: WB Games Community