While Batman: Arkham Knight may be one of the most critically lauded releases of the year thus far, it goes without saying that the superhero title has also courted its fair share of controversy due to its myriad PC port problems. Even so, one can’t completely fault the entirety of Rocksteady Studios for every complication the game has had. In fact, the game developer has done its best in attempting to steer into the skid by taking the lead on rectifying the PC version’s issues with their first patch for the game released a few days ago.

Nevertheless, there are still a large amount of gamers who have been able to enjoy the pulse-pounding, crime-crunching thrill ride that is Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Of course, after sweeping Gotham City’s streets clean of various thugs and hoodlums, thwarting the Scarecrow’s heinous plans, and taking down the titular Arkham Knight, some players may find themselves stuck when it comes to finishing all of the Riddler Challenges, and solving the puzzle-obsessed villain’s conundrums.

Thankfully, our friend Tony over at NukemDukem is back to help fans 100% Edward Nygma’s nefarious brainteasers by offering up solid solutions for the stumpers with the last video in his Riddler Quest series that focuses on the Arkham Knight HQ. In the past, NukemDukem has provided us with a bunch of comprehensive guides for completing the Riddler’s side-missions that consists of all the other areas of Batman: Arkham Knight, including Bleake Island, Panessa Studios, Miagani Island, Founders Island, and Stagg Airships.

Batman Arkham Knight Guide- Find All Riddler Trophies in Arkham Knight's HQ

Although some of the Riddler Trophies in the Arkham Knight’s HQ will be easy to obtain, and a few of the riddles themselves are not very challenging, there are several that have more than likely caused fans to scratch their heads raw in confusion and chuck their controller across the room in frustration. For instance, obtaining the second trophy shown in the video has no doubt created some unexpected enmity toward the Riddler for some gamers, as one must have a mastery of Batman’s gadgets while using impeccable timing to ensure that a spark of energy travels along a pathway Pipe Mania-style to unlock it.

In addition to trophy woes, there are also numerous breakables strewn throughout the area attached to skittering spider-drones that can prove to be difficult if players don’t adequately line their shots up with the Batmobile’s cannon. Plus, there are a couple of riddles in not-so-easy-to-reach places that involve the Mad Hatter and the Arkham Knight’s identity, which shall remain nameless for the unlucky so-and-so’s not in the know.

All in all, Tony does a bang-up job in providing an all-inclusive breakdown of how gamers can absolutely nail all of the Riddler Challenges in the Arkham Knight’s HQ. So for those players who have used his advice and finished Batman: Arkham Knight in its entirety, the next obvious step is heading over to our spoilers discussion page to sound off on all the game has to offer.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: NukemDukem