Batman: Arkham Knight Guide: Find All Riddler Trophies in Panessa Studios

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It’s fair to say that the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight has not gone as smoothly as Rocksteady Studios would have hoped. The title may have received a wave of good reviews from critics, but it was not long before some serious issues with the superhero title came to light. The PC port of the game was released in a unacceptable state for many, filled with game-breaking bugs and some severe frame rate issues.

After suggested fixes failed to help ailing gamers, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive eventually decided to pull the game from PC stores. It was a bitter aftertaste to the launch of the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight, and one that threatens to overshadow the positives that can be found in the title. After all, the game promises a rich story for the Caped Crusader, and gameplay including fiendish puzzles and moreish collectibles to obtain.

There may be fewer Riddler Trophies to obtain in Batman: Arkham Knight than its predecessor, but that does not make them any easier to find. Thankfully for those players struggling to find some of the game’s hard-to-reach trophies, NukemDukem is on hand to make things all the easier. The YouTube channel has already showcased a handy how-to guide on collecting all the Riddler Trophies on Bleake Island, and Tony is back to give a helping hand to any gamers struggling to locate the collectibles in Panessa Studios.

The Riddler Arkham Knight

The video, which is embedded above and is also available on NukemDukem’s YouTube channel, details the location of each and every Riddler Trophy, Riddle, and Breakable in the ruined film studio. As with the previous guide to Riddler Trophies, any Arkham Knight players will need to complete the game’s story in order to receive full completion, as all of The Dark Knight’s gadgets will be required to solve Edward Nigma’s puzzles.

Panessa Studios should not give gamers quite as much trouble as some of the other areas in the game, as the location itself is quite small. However, finding all collectibles and solving all Riddles will still require a little lateral thinking from the player. Use of the Remote Batarang is essential to break some of The Riddler’s signature question marks, whilst Batman’s non-lethal Disruptor Gun is also required.

Hopefully, with this video in hand, even the toughest puzzles to be found in Panessa Studios will be easy to come by – as long as savvy gamers remember to use The Dark Knight’s full arsenal of Line Launchers and Remote Electrical Charges. With many more areas still to complete, stay tuned for even more guides on how to solve every puzzle The Riddler leaves behind.

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. Sales of the PC version have been halted until further notice.

Source: NukemDukem