Batman: Arkham Knight Guide: Find All Riddler Trophies on Miagani Island

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Batman: Arkham Knight has certainly had a rocky start to life in the video game world. The title may have opened to multiple good reviews, but that wave of positivity was cut short after a number of serious problems became apparent in the PC port of the game, which was not handled directly by developer Rocksteady Studios. Players spoke up about the game’s sluggish frame rate and a number of game-breaking glitches, resulting in the title being pulled from PC store fronts.

It’s not been a week of celebration for PC gamers, but hopefully Batman: Arkham Knight for PC has a brighter future on the horizon. Action is being taken to fix the multitude of issues with the PC port of the game, with Rocksteady Studios taking an active role in bringing the port up to an acceptable standard of quality. Although some gamers have persevered with the PC version, perhaps soon the rest of PC purchasers will be able to catch up on the wealth of content that Batman: Arkham Knight has in store.

There’s certainly a lot of gameplay that PC players will need to get up to speed with, too. Alongside Batman: Arkham Knight’s main story, completion-focused players also have plenty of collectibles to seek out. Thankfully, YouTube strategist NukemDukem is on hand to help players with the most hard-to-find Riddler Trophies and Breakables. The YouTuber has already given a useful guide to several of the game’s locations, including Bleake Island and the abandoned Panessa Studios, and is now back to guide players through Miagani Island.

Riddler Batman Arkham Knight

The video guide can be found embedded above, or at the NukemDukem YouTube channel. As with the other guides to Riddler Trophy locations, it’s important to point out that players should complete the game’s story before attempting 100% completion on the Riddler collectibles. Unfortunately, this cannot be worked around by simply reading our discussion on Batman: Arkham Knight story spoilers, either – players will need all of The Dark Knight’s tricks and tools to reach the trophies in question.

Although some of the trophies are right out in the open, gamers may find Miagani Island trickier than some of the other areas in the game, particularly in comparison to the closed quarters of Panessa Studios. The Batmobile will be required for some of the island’s breakables, as well as opening up different buildings, compartments, and areas. Meanwhile, Batman’s Remote Electrical Charge will also be necessary.

NukemDukem’s latest post will no doubt help those struggling to find all the Riddler Trophies in question – and will be a quick way for PC gamers who decided to wait for the port to be fixed to catch up with their console gamer counterparts. That is, of course, if PC players can pull themselves away from a mod that allows players free roam of Gotham in the role of Nightwing, Catwoman, and more.

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One. Sales of the PC version have been halted until further notice.

Source: NukemDukem